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Car Seat

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Car Seat

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The safety of your kid is the utmost priority, particularly while travelling. A good travel system ensures both safety and comfort of your child on the road. Choosing the right travel system for your child can be overwhelming especially when there are numerous baby car seats available in the market.

Mumpa offers high-quality reliable kids car seats that make your baby’s ride a comfortable and enjoyable one. You can compare child seats by various brands all under one roof and select the child safety seat that best suits your requirement.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while you buy a toddler seat for your nipper:

1.     Safety harness: The car seat should preferably have a 5-point harness safety feature. You baby is cuddled in the baby car seat with 5 straps – two at the shoulders, two at the hips, and one at the crotch. The 5-point harness safeguards all the major body parts of your baby from any impact during a mishap.

  2.     Multi-utility child seat: The multi-utility feature comes in handy when your baby sleeps in the car seat. You can easily detach the car seat and convert it into a baby carrier and carry along your baby without disturbing his/her precious nap time.

  3.     Weight capacity: It is always advisable to check the weight capacity of your baby’s car seat. The car seat should be able to accommodate your growing baby, both height and weight wise. The car booster seat comes with a higher price tag but stays in use for a longer time.

  4.     Multiple harness slots: If you are choosing a car seat that will grow with your baby, ensure that it has multiple harness slots. Two to three slots, placed 1–2 inches apart, will snuggle your baby tight enough to keep them safe and comfortable.

  5.     Impact protection shield: This is an important safety feature in a car seat, which is placed across the chest and midsection of your child. In case of an accident, the impact is dispersed away from the child, thus reducing the risk of injury.

  6.     Wiggle room: The car seat will be used by your baby throughout the year. Therefore, choose one that will not only accommodate your toddler but also has some room for bundling up during the cold weather.

  7.     Reclining position: Ensure that the car seat has multiple reclining positions. Any reclining position less than 150 degrees can be dangerous for infants below 6 months. Multiple reclining positions like upright, semi-reclining, and full reclining will ensure your baby’s comfort.

  8.     Head support: Your infant will not be able to hold his/her head, so select a car seat that has head support. Although few parents opt for blanket rolls or neck pillows instead of head support, these supportive attachments can be dangerous during an accident.

  When you are looking to buy baby car seat online, come to Mumpa where you can thoroughly compare different car seats and their features.

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