Breastfeeding Basics


Breastfeeding Basics

I was a breastfeeding mom. I belong to the old school of thought (actually not so old anymore as a lot of mums would echo my thoughts), that mother’s milk is the healthiest for the baby. Unless, of course, it is not possible due to unavoidable circumstances.

I remember when my son was born, initially, I could not feed him. I was scared to even hold him, he was so tiny…almost fragile. I went through tough, highly stressful and teary eyed times, before I could feed my baby successfully. I continued to nurse my son till he was almost two and a half years old. Yes, it is an extremely challenging, excruciatingly (at times) difficult task; yet NOT impossible and oh so beautiful! ☺

There are various articles on the internet that give you the ‘what ‘and the ‘how’ of breastfeeding. But I would love to share my journey with you; what actually worked for me and how I overcame the seemingly countless challenges. So let’s start rolling:

  1. Expressing milk is a great way to increase your milk supply. It worked wonders for me because the day my baby was born, I was unable to feed him (have mentioned this before). The milk ducts seemed to be totally non-functional. But once I expressed, boy oh boy…my baby had a party! ☺

You can express by hand or use a pump- manual or electric. I preferred the pump. It generally takes about half hour or so to pump both breasts. But then again, mums, we all are unique…decide for yourself. Expressed milk is also a boon if you are working or need to be away from your baby for a while. You can store it in bottles (readily available) and refrigerate it at about 4 degrees Celsius, up to almost 5 days. I tried it once in a while, it worked out fine.

  1. The next rule is, please RELAX. Breastfeeding is not an examination that you need to qualify- it will happen. Take it easy and stay positive; stress does not help.
  2. Spend quality time with your baby. Bond with her; hold her nice and close….yes that tiny, precious bundle of joy; let your baby breathe in your essence.
  3. Be comfortable while feeding. Do try and sit upright (trust me…good for your back), with a cushion behind you. I used a nursing pillow. You, too, can use props that work best for you.
  4. Moms, try not to stick to timelines during feeds. Yes, I know, that darling aunt of yours instructed you to spend about 15-20 minutes for each feed☺. But please watch your baby closely; she will give you cues as to when to stop. You need to feed your baby every 3 hours (my paediatrician told me to).
  5. My suggestion as a conscientious mum (I hope so) is that do not give up on breastfeeding. The initial days can be difficult, may dampen your self confidence. But please give yourself time…your baby needs you….just hold on for a bit.
  6. Imperative- look after yourself, drink lots of water for hydration and eat healthy. You love your baby the most but learn to love yourself, too.

Happy feeding!


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