• Learning Alphabets
    MumpaActivity: Learning Alphabets

    Revision & reinforcement improves learning in young children.Here is a fun way to revise alphabets. We were bored staying indoors, so we did this activity in the park! What you need for this activity -We have used alphabet flash cards, you can use, magnetic alphabets, chart or a mat with alphabets -A bangle to make this...

  • Mumpa
    Mumpa Activity: Vegetable Printing

    Another messy activity which the kids will love. You’ll need bhindi (lady’s finger), some paint & paper for this activity Chop off the head of the lady’s finger so that the flower pattern shows and start Ask the child to dip....

  • Mumpa
    Sorting Vegetables and Fruits

    Reinforcing the benefits of fruits & vegetables. Dash into the kitchen and get an assortment of fruits & vegetables. Get two empty baskets along. Ask your child to sort the vegetables from the fruits.....



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