10 things to bear in mind while Travelling During Pregnancy


You are having a baby and so you have to be happy, in mind, body and spirit to be able to bring a happy healthy baby in this world. And if travelling is the thing that gives you happiness, so be it! Yes, you heard me right, you can travel for work for fun, to take a break if you desire so and your body allows you to.

Pregnancy, in itself, is not a disease or a medical condition which requires treatment or confinement. Healthy people get pregnant, and the majority is able to carry on with their lives in the same manner as before.

Complications during pregnancy are not unheard of, and those who have it have to go by what is advised to them. If you have a condition which needs you to be in bed for a safe pregnancy, you’ll have to confine your movements, else you can be yourself and do what you want to do.

However, one should never take their wellbeing for granted, one has to be careful about their health as it is not just you but also the little life which you are nurturing inside you that you have to care for. Here is an easy reckoner for things to do and be mindful of while traveling when pregnant:

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  • How far are you in your pregnancy?

Please make your plans while being mindful of how far you have progressed in your pregnancy. Most air carriers don’t allow women beyond 34 weeks pregnant to fly with them. Travelling closer to due date puts you at risk of going into labour while in transit.

The Indian Railways allow lifelong free travel to kids born enroute in the train! Unless you are prying this free ticket for your child, don’t make travel plans in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

  • Consult your doctor

Pay a visit to your doc before you pack your bags. S/he will tell you about the necessary precautions to take while you are on the move and recommend medicines which are safe to be taken, just in case!

  • Avoid traveling to places where an infectious disease is rampant

There are some diseases which are rampant in a place in a particular season. For example, dengue and chikanguniya are rampant in Delhi during the monsoons. Don’t pick such places as your holiday destination. If you do, then take adequate precautions. For example use a a mosquito repellent oil/lotion to avoid contracting a mosquito borne disease.

  • Carry the recommended medicines with you.

Don’t depend on buying medicines in a new place as something that the doctor may have prescribed may not be available there. The brand names of medicines change outside the country, finding the right medicine which is safe for consumption during pregnancy may be difficult. It is best you carry what you may need with you.

  • Carry a fit to fly Certificate

Remember to carry a fit to fly certificate duly early few weeks of pregnancy, but when you start showing, some airlines will ask for it for domestic flights and all airlines will ask for it for international flights. To avoid last minute hassles at the airport, carry this certificate with you.

  • Reach the airport/train station in advance

Most air carriers will ask you to sign a form before you board the flight. They may also take you to their doc at the airport to make sure that you are fit to fly. So, factor in an additional hour at the airport and plan accordingly.

Train stations in our country are not pregnant women friendly.  Not to forget the arduous task of navigating through a crowd (which is bound to be there at the railway station). So, reach in advance so that you get to the boarding platform at your pace without any stress.

  • Avoid long hours of travel

Long hours of travel can bother you, as, sitting in the same posture can hurt your back. If you are travelling business class, you don’t have to bother, but the economy class travellers can choose destinations which don’t require long flying hours!

A train journey in many ways is better than a flight as you can walk around and stretch out. However, because of the cleanliness issue in Indian trains, trains are best avoided here.

Road journeys are okay to take. You can take a break every few hours, to walk around and stretch out. Bumpy roads can cause discomfort to you, but the jerks don’t affect the baby in your womb.


  • Accompanied travel

Work trips are mostly short trips and you may have colleagues accompanying you. It is good to have a companion while you are travelling.

  • Be careful with the food

Pregnant or not pregnant, catching a stomach bug on a holiday or on a work trip can be a dampener. Judge a place and its food on its hygiene and not on how tempting the food looks!

  • Drink packaged water

Stick to drinking bottled water to ensure that the water is clean.

There are some perks that pregnant women enjoy while travelling. You an easily cut a queue right from getting the boarding pass issued to boarding the plane. Some airlines may even give you an upgrade. The flight attendants will be extra sweet to you and will pamper you in their little ways.

So, go ahead, book your tickets and enjoy a holiday, even when you are pregnant.


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