2 Types of Diapers to Choose for Your Baby


Once you are preparing for your little one, selecting the right type of diaper can be quite a task. With so many types of diapers available in the market these days, how do you know which one will actually suit your baby the best?

The two main types of diapers that you will find almost anywhere, be it at your local baby store or online, are disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Both have their own pros and cons, and both have a strong and loyal user base.

2 Types of diapers to choose for your baby

Disposable diapers:

  1. While these diapers are definitely easier to use than the rest and are extremely convenient, they are also the most expensive. Not to forget the fact that a disposable diaper takes about 500 years to decompose!
  2. If you choose a bio-degradable disposable diaper, the options are very limited and the expenses are significantly steep. The outer lining consists of polyethylene film like the type used in plastic wrap. The inner lining is made of polypropylene. Some brands also add vitamin E or aloe extract in the inner lining to avoid rashes.
  3. The absorbent lining contains wood pulp which is bleached with chlorine. Also, the images on the diaper are made of dye, while the fragrance used in diapers to keep your baby feeling fresh can actually cause infection in the sensitive areas. It is best to avoid disposable diapers as much as possible, and let your baby breathe easy using other safe alternatives.

Cloth diapers:

  1. Many Indian families still use the old and effective cloth diaper method. You can get these as pre-cut and pre-designed triangular pieces of cloth that are ready to use. All you need to do is place the cloth under your baby and secure it in the front.
  2. Some people are uncomfortable about reusing a soiled diaper for their baby, even if it is cleaned. However, as you will clean it at home, you can make sure the diaper is absolutely clean before the next use.
  3. The best part about these diapers is that they can be washed and reused, and this helps to bring down the expense significantly.
  4. Also, as these are made of cotton, there is no risk of an infection on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Now that you know the main features of both, hope it will be easier for you to decide.


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