Baby Crawling Things to Ensure at Home for Safety

Baby Crawling

To see your baby crawl is full of mixed emotions. You feel elated to see the first independent movement of your child, but then the next moment you become scared about his/her safety. To ensure that your baby is safe from sharp or hazardous items, you have to baby-proof your home.

Here are top things to ensure at home for the safety of your baby:

1. Crawl like a baby: To ensure that you have perfectly child-proofed your home, you have to be at your baby’s level/height. So crawl round the room to double check about the sharp edges of the furniture and other things kept at your home.

2. Toilet paper roll rule: Babies follow a simple rule “Any and every thing you see, put it in your mouth.” To prevent your baby from getting choked, take a toilet paper roll cardboard. Anything that can fit in the roll must be kept out of your childʼs reach.

3. Switch boards: We do not know why but switch boards attract babies. Since most of us have our switch boards near the floor, baby proofing them is a must. Also, cover the wires to avoid tripping hazards and accidental electric shocks.

4. Latches: When your child crawls, they try to open drawers and cabinets within their reach. You should install latches to cabinets and drawers to ensure any hazardous or sharp items like knives or bathroom or floor cleaners are out of their reach. To be on a safe side, put a latch on all the cabinets that are within your child's access.

5. Stair Gate: Stairs are something which your child finds the most amusing. Ensure you protect your nipper from this danger zone. Install gates with proper lock at the entrance of staircases. Let your child explore the staircase once he/she is big enough to climb it.

6. Door Jammer: Install door guards in all areas accessible to your child. You definitely do not want your baby to squeeze his/her fingers in a closing door. Also, it ensures your baby does not get locked in a room.

7. Say “NO”: No is a very powerful word. Kids usually learn to say “No” first. Warn them about various hazards and tell them not to touch or do anything that might harm them.

There is no perfect way to baby-proof your home. Apart from the above tips, monitor your kid carefully and accordingly child-proof your home.


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