Balancing Work and Children


In today’s modern times, a major chunk of parents are playing a juggling game of balancing their work and children. There is no formula for successfully striking this balance. You are an individual and all individuals have their specific life situations and families. Consequently, what works for one person might not work for the other. Your personality traits, the demands of your job, the way you choose to raise your children are some of the factors that influence this ‘work-child ‘equation. Obviously your child’s needs are the most important here.


Given below are a few key points that can help us in trying to balance our jobs and our children. They are quite generic in nature. I give credit to a couple of my ‘office going’ friends and obviously the internet for this invaluable information. I have attempted to capture all the relevant information as distinct, separate statements, because they are easier to comprehend.


I have a fictitious button in my head; it helps me to switch between my work and my home (read kids). Try to install one for yourself. It is imperative that work is left far behind, once you are with your children.

Try and accomplish as much as you can at work. Do not fret if some tasks are left undone. Prioritise. A stress- free day at work would be a great energy booster once you are with your kids.

On your way home, stop for a moment, take a breather. You need to switch roles now; let your mind and body process this change. For e.g. I love going for a 10 minutes stroll, before getting back home. It is so therapeutic.

Once you reach home, try and put away all your work related paraphernalia away, like your lap top, your mobile phone and so on. A physical disconnect is as important as a mental one. Give your kids a big, warm hug….you are home.

Crucial…never talk shop when you get home. Our children love to chatter away and describe the events of their day…not vice versa!

Friends, NEVER ever feel guilty. You are a good parent and you are doing the best you can to fulfil your work commitments and your parental duties. Yes, at times we are at a juncture where we need to choose between, maybe, an urgent meeting and our child’s annual day. That is a call you need to take. Difficult, but achievable!

A few ‘to-dos’:

  1. Carefully choose day-care or a baby sitter for your child
  2. Share parental responsibilities with your partner.
  3. Be prepared to tweak your career goals, based on your child’s needs
  4. Schedule regular family time (picnics, lunches, movies)
  5. Create a list of chores to be done every week- prioritise
  6. Do take out exclusive time for your partner and you. Pamper yourself; A happy you means a happy family

Relax! Be confident…you love your child and she loves you, too. Do not aim for perfection; true happiness does not need perfection….love is all that matters!


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