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What is a Pram?

The word ‘Pram’ comes from Perambulator. A pram is a new born baby product that can be used by babies from the day that they are born. A pram is but a baby bed on wheels in which babies can be carried in a lying down position.

Newborns gradually develop control over their necks and, till that time, they must be carried in a lying position. They must also be carefully lifted with hands supporting their neck in these initial months. Baby Pram is a wheeled baby carriage that is designed such that a baby can sleep or lie in it. It has a reclining, flat bottom that allows the baby to lie or sleep comfortably while the parents can walk them around. Prams also have a canopy attached to protect babies from heat, light and dust. It’s ideal for carrying newborns as this position ensures healthy breathing and the development of the lung and spine.

What are the benefits of buying a Baby Pram?

Babies love to be carried outside; the sights and sounds provide them with all the sensory stimulation they require at their age to get acquainted with the new world around them and to develop their brains. Prams are the best means to carry them, where they can lie down comfortably and enjoy the ride.

Moreover, in today’s age of nuclear families, a baby pram gives parents the independence to go about their work without worrying about carrying the baby in their arms all the time. Parents can easily take their baby for walks in the evening along with them in the pram. This not only helps in maintaining the fitness of parents, but the evening air provides the baby with ample opportunities to enjoy and explore the world and interact with others.

Parents can carry their baby in the pram when they visit malls to shop for essentials. Prams come with storage baskets and back pockets, which can hold diaper bags, baby bottles, grocery bags and other essentials, so parents need not worry about carrying the extra load.

Most importantly, Prams have rear-facing options, allowing parents to maintain eye contact with the baby and interact with the baby all along, helping them bond even better.

Prams are designed nowadays to provide comfort as well as ensure complete safety for your little one. Most conform to European and Indian Safety Standards as well. They are also available with many pram accessories, which can be purchased separately. These are helpful, especially if you use the pram outdoors for long hours.

Pram Accessories

  • Cup holder
  • Rain cover
  • Sun Shade
  • Hanging Toys or mobiles  
  • Diaper bags

Which Kind of Pram to Buy?

There are a number of choices for baby prams/strollers available for buying online. The main difference between a baby pram and a stroller is the position of the seat.

Buying the perfect pram for your baby can leave you bewildered, as there are so many options. Take your time to decide on the right one which fits your needs, lifestyle and budget. You must always keep your budget flexible as baby prams are expensive and something that you only buy once, but they are durable and can last for more than one child.

While deciding on a pram, look for features like durability, sturdiness, safety and comfort, portability, and whether it fits easily in the boot of your car. Here are a few types of prams available in the stores that will help you make your choice.

2 in 1 Pram cum Strollers

Nowadays, most prams and strollers have positioning options from fully reclined to semi-reclined and upright seat positions. So, there are 2 in 1 pram cum strollers that can be used as a pram in the early months and later as a stroller. You need not buy a stroller separately. Investing in a pram cum stroller ensures you can use it for many years.

3 in 1 Pram cum Strollers

There are 3 in 1 prams, which can be used in the sitting and reclined position, and have a carry unit that doubles as a newborn car seat. The carry units can be detached from the pram. These prams tend to be more expensive than the others but are usually cheaper than buying a pram and a car seat separately. If you plan to have another baby, the 3 in 1 baby prams are among the best investments.
These 3 in prams are also called a travel system.

Double Strollers; Twin Seats

If you have twins, carrying and attending to both has been made relatively easy with the double strollers; twin seats. They have side-to-side seats for carrying twins together. The only disadvantage you can face is that they are broader than others, making them difficult to manoeuvre in narrow spaces.

Double Strollers; Tandems

This pram will suit you best if you have a toddler as well as a baby. In this type, seats are placed one behind the other. One child can lie, and the other can sit, or both can sit. There is not much difference in the width of this type of pram from the other types. The only disadvantage is that they are quite bulky.

Most 2 in 1 pram strollers are umbrella folding and fit easily in the boot of your car. There are flat folding prams as well, which take up a little larger room.

Wrapping it up, Buying a baby pram has its benefits, as it makes moving around with your baby during shop sprees, walking in the park or travelling much more manageable. It is a smart investment as you need not further invest in a car seat, and they are durable enough and can be used easily for the next baby. Overall, the range of prams caters to a diverse range of customers with varying budgets and requirements.

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Happy Shopping!

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