Benefits of Massaging the Baby with Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil


With the birth of a baby, a mother is also born. Although you and the baby had been living together for the last nine months, but now you can hold and nurture your child. And what better way to connect than with the power of touch. Baby massage is the time when the mother and the baby connect but also it improves your nipper’s health.

As your newborn is unable to communicate, you are always on your toes to make the initial years comfortable. Massage is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. Apart from better development of your baby’s muscles and bones, there are various other benefits of baby massage. It can relieve pain and stress, protect against dry and rough skin, help in deep breathing, and help the baby to sleep better.

Giving the right massage to your baby is important. But choosing the right oil is equally important. These days, supermarket shelves are flooded with various types of baby oils. To choose from such a broad range can give a headache to a new parent. They are in a dilemma as to which oil is best suited for their kid. Here is a quick peep into the benefits of few oils.

Almond oil is the most popular oil when it comes to baby massage. Rich in vitamin E, almond oil gives your kid a glowing and soft skin. Another oil that is good for your baby irrespective of the weather is coconut oil. It is light in texture and also protects the baby's skin from infections. In winters, you can even use mustard oil. It will relax the baby's body, give warmth, and also boost the immune system. Chamomile oil is preferred for newborns. It helps in treating skin rashes and infections and is also good for kids prone to indigestion. Sesame oil is the best oil according to Ayurveda. It is free from parabens and helps in your baby's growth. Owing to its warm nature, you should preferably use it in winters.  

There are various advertisements of oils that promise to increase immunity, blood circulation, and digestion of your child. These may contain chemicals or use chemical methods for preparation, which are harmful for your baby. You should always prefer natural or Ayurvedic oil over chemical oils.  Chemical oils can have various adverse impacts on your baby’s skin and development. Mineral oil is a petroleum-based product and can lead to clogging, resulting in infections.

Essential oils are synthesized using chemical methods and can affect the learning and growth of your child. Although seed and nut oils can be used for massage, but these too can lead to allergic reactions at times. Chemical oils also contain parabens, which cause developmental disorder and dysfunction of the immune system. If you baby puts their fingers in their mouth during or after the massage, it could be harmful, so do not use any non-edible oil. Before investing in a baby oil, check the ingredients carefully for any harmful chemical or preservatives.

Ayurvedic oils not only calm and moisturize your baby, but the rich ingredients can play a vital role in your child’s overall development. It can heal, treat, and fight skin infections; prevent scars; and make skin soft and radiant. It also helps protect your child from cough, cold, and fevers.

Massage is a new experience for your newborn. Do not get disheartened if your baby does not enjoy it in the beginning. Try and involve them in the massage and make it fun and playful. In the initial years you may have to make baby sounds in order to attract the attention of your baby and engage him/her. Talk to your baby, sing with them, and even tell them stories. These engaging moments will have a positive effect on your baby’s physical and emotional health. It is rightly said that “Massage is a way to a happier and healthier life.” Happy parenting!


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