Best Prams to Buy Under Rs 7,000 on Amazon

Prams and Strollers come in very handy when you have to move around with your baby. They have become very popular amongst the new generation of parents. The options available for buying a pram/stroller for your baby are also numerous. The strollers available for purchasing online come with various features that provide comfort and convenience but the most important feature to keep in mind while purchasing a stroller is safety certification. No matter how good a pram looks, it does not guarantee safety for your child unless it is safety certified. One of the best certification for prams and strollers is EN certification or more precisely EN 1888. For EN 1888 certification, the prams and strollers undergo a series of strength, durability and entrapment tests to ensure that they do not pose any hazard to your baby. Surfing through the various pram/strollers online it is very surprising that there are affordable prams which have safety certifications. Let us look at some of the prams which are safety certified with prices under Rs 7,000 on Amazon. 

1. LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller

 LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller is a complete stroller and is highly rated by parents. It is suitable for babies from 0-3 years of age and can carry weight till 25 Kg. It comes with European Standard, EN 1888 certification. EN 1888 certification means that the stroller is extremely safe for your baby. Other safety features of the Galaxy Stroller include a 5 point harness  with a buckle system which safely secures your baby to the stroller. Both the front and back wheels come with brakes to park the stroller. The stroller is quite spacious and includes an extra layer of cushion for comfort of your baby. It comes with three adjustable recline positions and adjustable foot rest. The canopy can be adjusted and is extendable to protect your baby from the harsh Sun. It also has a peek -a- boo window to monitor your baby,when the canopy is fully drawn.  The handle bar is reversible to allow both forward and backward facing stroll giving you the opportunity to interact with your baby during the stroll.  The stroller also comes with a detachable feeding tray for your baby, a back pocket for storing baby accessories and a large storage basket. The stroller also offers great convenience features. The wheels are large making it suitable for every terrain. Front swivel wheels make moving the stroller as easy as child’s play. The stroller is easily foldable and available for you to choose from four bright colours.

2. R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller

 R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller is a portable, compact, stylish stroller suitable for kids weighing up to 20 Kg. It is also EN 1888 certified and has passed stringent tests to qualify as a safe product for your baby. Other safety features  include a 5 point harness system and  link brakes on  wheels. The comfort features of this stroller include cushioned seats, 3 position recline and adjustable canopy. It has durable swivel wheels for easy maneuvering, and a storage basket for carrying baby accessories. The best feature of this stroller is that it can be folded or opened with one hand and easy to pull along like a trolley. It fits easily in the back of your car and is designed specially for air travel. So, wherever you go it accompanies you.

3. R for Rabbit Pocket Air Stroller 

 R for Rabbit Pocket Air Stroller is another sturdy stroller which has EN  1888 certification. It is suitable for babies up to 15 Kg weight. It comes with a 5 point harness system and rear brakes. The seats are cushioned and have a 3 position recline with adjustable canopy. The wheels are sturdy  and provided with shock absorbers ensuring a smooth stroll for your baby. The stroller also comes with a storage basket and a pouch. Special feature of this stroller is that it is lightweight, folds with the click of a switch and fits in cabin luggage. So, if you are looking for a stroller which is safe for your child, hardy and made for air travel, this could be the one for you. 

4. R for Rabbit Rock N Roll Stroller

Another EN 1888 safety certified stroller from R for Rabbit is the Rock N Roll stroller. It can be used for babies up to 20 Kg weight. It is a two in one stroller com rocker which easily transforms into a rocker. It also comes with safety features like 5 point harness system, rear wheel brakes. It is especially designed for parents who would like to travel while their baby is sleeping. It has all other features like cushioned, multiposition reclining  seat, adjustable canopy, swivel wheels to ensure ultimate comfort to your little one. Its one hand fold mechanism increases its ease of use. 

5. R for Rabbit Sugar Pop Baby Stroller

R for Rabbit Sugar Pop Baby Stroller is an attractive stroller in pastel shades which your baby is just going to love. It is spacious and very comfortable for babies with a three position reclining seat and  a colourful canopy. It comes with a reversible handle, peek-a-boo window, swivel wheels and storage basket and pocket. The rear brake wheels of the stroller make it steady and safe. And to make every ride for your baby safe, it comes with a 5 point harness and EN 1888 safety certification.

Concluding it all, safety certification of prams is an aspect you should not overlook while purchasing a pram/stroller, it should rather be the first feature to consider. This is how you make sure  that your baby enjoys a safe and secure ride every time on the pram/stroller and your mind is at peace. There are many options of safety certified prams available at affordable prices. So, it is recommended to keep your budget for a pram/stroller a little flexible as chipping in a few thousand rupees more would help in guaranteeing not only an enjoyable experience for your baby but also one that is safe and secured.


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