Breastfeeding: 5 Things That Every Mother Starting at Breastfeeding Should Know

Breastfeeding Basics

All thanks to the Internet and electronic media, we all are well aware of the importance of breastfeeding and the benefits of breast milk. But is it all the information you need? We want that you should be fully aware and prepared before your munchkin arrives in this world. So tighten your seat belt as we will unfold five breastfeeding basics that every mother wishes to know before she starts feeding her baby.

1. Early skin-to-skin contact
Have a skin-to-skin contact with your baby as early as possible. It is a great way to bond and welcome your kid to the new world. If possible breastfeed the baby in the delivery room itself. Your breast will produce a golden yellow color liquid in the first few days, which is known as colostrums. This is the healthiest food that can boost the immunity of your baby.

2. Frequency of feeds in a day
It is a common question among the new mothers as to the number of times a day your baby needs to be breastfed. When your baby is born, their tummy is very small and would require to be fed every few hours. It is advisable that in the first month, infants should be fed every 2 hours. Slowly and gradually their stomach size increases and the breastfeeding frequency becomes less. After the first month, feeding can be “on demand.”

3. Latching baby onto the breast
A good latch is another problem faced by the new moms. It takes a few hit and trails before finding the right position. Improper latching can lead to breast discomfort. Make sure that the areola and nipple both are in the baby’s mouth while he/she drinks milk. If you encounter any discomfort, detach your newborn and try again for a proper latch.

4. Signs of hunger
As already mentioned, after the first month, feeding should be on demand. You do not have to wait until tears roll down your baby’s cheeks. Although babies cannot speak, they can very well communicate their needs. All you need to understand are the tiny signals your baby is giving. They snuggle around your breast and suck their fingers; rooting reflex is also a sign of hunger.

5. Breastfeeding positions
Breastfeeding can take more time than you expect, so you should be comfortable while your baby is having their meal. Find a cozy and quiet place where you can nurse your child. Cuddle your baby and support their back and head with your arm. Few mothers find a nursing pillow or footstool helpful in supporting the baby. There are various positions to breastfeed, but you can choose the one that is comfortable for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding may not be a cake walk, at least in the initial days, as you see in ads or photographs. Nursing for the first time can be difficult for new mothers, so do not hesitate and take help from a midwife, doctor, or lactation consultants. Just remember, a mother’s milk is an elixir for a newborn that keeps your baby in excellent health.


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