Cartoons Your Child Will Adore!


Remember Bugs Bunny, Tweety the Bird, He-Man and Mowgli. Well if you remember these, then you are the 80’s born and these were our only relief to the endless boredom in the summer holidays. But now, it is an array of cartoon characters that are being aired on television and our kids are just glued to them. Some of them are really disturbing I must say.

I really wish, Popeye-the sailor man would return on television. I just loved watching him. He was a simple sailor in love with his girl- Olive and his spinach. My mother used to always- “you want to become strong, eat your spinach” And so Popeye taught us that eating spinach is good.


The funny nuances of Tom and Jerry, am sure no one can forget. Me and my son still watch a few old episodes of it on Youtube and have a hearty laugh. Why I love this- because it is so simple and funny. Also size does not matter. Do you remember how Jerry was so small yet so fearless? And it also taught me that cat and mouse can be friends as well.

I am actually a bit worried about what kids watch these days. And one of them is Doremon. I know it must be a favorite of most of the children. But my son used to imitate Nobita every day- by not doing his homework; lying on the floor and whining and what not. And that’s when I decided to block this for him. When we choose the cartoons/ programs our children watch, we should ensure how it will affect their personality in the longer run. Cartoons are their ideals for a very long period of time. So it has to be wise decision to make them watch the appropriate content.

But it’s okay to have at fantasy. Of having the super power to fly or save the world from evil. How cute kids look in their towel made capes imitating Superman and trying to save the world or bringing down evil by helping people. But here again is a minor difference between saving and fighting. There will be a phase when children will enact all the stunts at home; punching in the air, kicking while walking etc. Let them, as long as they don’t practice it on you and other members. Teach them that these characters are fictional and only exist on television.

There are some cartoons that air only in Hindi. It may sound weird, but don’t allow your kids to watch it and emphasize viewing cartoons only in English. The reason being the Hindi language being used is a bit quirky that is easily adopted by the kids.

Cartoons are not bad. They are funny. But the only thing is they are too many. So like I said earlier, have an allotted TV hour, in which kids are watch 15-20 minutes of their favorite cartoon. Sit with them, enjoy and have laugh. Ding Ding!!


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