Cool Summer Crafts for Kids: Beat the Heat with Fun DIY Projects

Cool summer crafts for kids beat the heat with fun | Mumpa

Summer vacation for kids is a cherished time filled with endless possibilities. It's a break from the daily routine, allowing youngsters to explore, play, and create lasting memories with family and friends.

During summer vacation, kids would want to go outside and play. But going outside for games or an adventure is only sometimes possible because of the scorching temperature. That's why, Mumpa brings you some unique and cool summer craft ideas for kids.

Before heading towards ideas for crafts for kids, let's know about the unique benefits of keeping your children engaged and interested in such activities:

One of the most significant advantages of focusing on arts and crafts is that it protects your child against unbearable heat outside

  • It stimulates their creativity and keeps their minds active
  • It inspires their imagination and fine motor skills
  • It boosts their artistic abilities
  • It also encourages resourcefulness as kids learn to repurpose materials
  • Moreover, it promotes patience and perseverance, as completing projects requires dedicatio

10 Summer Vacation Special Fun & Easy DIY Craft Ideas for Kids:

Paper Plate Sun

What's summer without the sun? Help your little ones craft their sunny friend using simple materials like paper plates, yellow paint, and some googly eyes. This delightful sun craft will surely brighten up any room and add a touch of summer vibes to your home.

Seashell Wind Chimes

The calming sound of wind chimes is everyone's favourite. Gather some seashells, paint them in vibrant colours, attach them to a string or wire, and hang the wind chime in your garden or patio. Isn't this the easiest arts and crafts for kids?

Popsicle Flower Pot


You need a discarded tin can, clean popsicle sticks, glue, and colours. Wash the container and make holes at the bottom for drainage. Now, glue the popsicle sticks around the tin can and let them dry. Now paint them with colours, glitters, and other stickers or colourful buttons. Place small plants or flowers inside, and a cute planter is ready!


Ice Cream Cone Garland

Summer and ice cream go hand in hand! Let your children indulge in their favourite sweet treat without the mess by creating an adorable ice cream cone garland. Cut out ice cream cone shapes from coloured paper, decorate them with sprinkles and cherries, and string them together to make a delightful garland to decorate their play area or room.

Watermelon Suncatchers

If your kid is still in that age of knowing fruits and vegetables, this would be one of the best summer craft ideas. Watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit. Bring its vibrant colours into your crafts with watermelon suncatchers. Cut out watermelon slice shapes from coloured paper and have your children stick on black paper seeds. Hang these suncatchers on windows, and when the sunlight streams through, they will mimic the look of a juicy slice of watermelon.

DIY Bubble Wands

What's summer without bubbles? Make bubble wands with your kids using pipe cleaners or wire. Bend the material into different shapes like hearts, stars, or circles, and then dip the wands into a homemade bubble solution (made with water, dish soap, and glycerin) and let the kids enjoy hours of bubble-blowing fun.

Beach-Themed Photo Frames

Preserve the memories of your summer adventures with beach-themed photo frames. Use popsicle sticks or cardboard to create structures, then decorate them with seashells, sand, glitter, and miniature beach umbrellas. Insert a cherished summer picture, and your kids will have a lovely keepsake to treasure for years to come.

Ghost Puppets

Gather white tissue paper, a small Styrofoam ball, string, and googly eyes. Wrap the tissue paper around the ball, secure it with string, and add the eyes. Kids can then decorate the puppet with markers and spooky embellishments. Glue a stick to the bottom for a handle, and voila – one of the easiest Halloween crafts for kids is ready!

Tie Dye T-shirts

Children mostly mess up their t-shirts, and this summer vacation, let them make art out of the mess. Gather plain white t-shirts, fabric dyes, rubber bands, and plastic squeeze bottles. Lay the t-shirts flat and fold or twist them into desired patterns, securing them with rubber bands. Let the kids apply their chosen dye colours to the t-shirts. Place the t-shirts in plastic bags for a few hours to set the colours. Finally, rinse and dry the t-shirts for vibrant and unique tie-dye creations!

Fun DIY Soaps

If your kids are in that pre-teen group, you can engage them in this beautiful activity. You will need a glycerin soap base, essential oils of choice, and soap moulds of various shapes like flowers, bees, or ice cream cones. Melt the soap base following instructions, add a few drops of essential oil, stir well, and fill the moulds. Allow the soap to solidify before using it for a delightful, aromatic bathing experience.


These 10 DIY fun summer crafts for kids will keep your little ones entertained and engaged throughout the holidays. Each DIY craft idea encourages creativity, imaginative play, and quality time spent with family. Let them embrace the joy of arts and crafts for kids and fill their memories with laughter and ingenuity.


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