Did you hug your child today?


We always keep our cherished memories and valuables close to our heart. So why not embrace or hug the most precious and beloved jewel of your life—“your kid.”

When our babies are young we often cuddle and kiss them, but why do we stop this loving act when they grow old? Do you know that a parent’s hug can do wonders in your child’s growth and development? A hug is full of warmth, affection, and love. It assures a child that no matter what the situation is, you will always find us by your side. A hug is also a way of appreciating and admiring your child.

There are three main reasons why we stop hugging our child:

1. We do not know how to hug: By hug we do not mean a simple physical contact. Hugging or embracing can be any positive way to celebrate your kid. A hug can be preparing your kid’s favorite meal, a smile, playing his/her favorite songs on a long drive, a kiss on the forehead, a surprise gift without any occasion, or a simple note on the pillow.

2. We are afraid to hug: Many parents think that if they show their love and affection towards their kid, he/she will become a brat. Not showing your emotions will only weaken the bridge between you and your baby. It is your actions and not emotions which spoil the kid.

3. We do not find any huggable quality in our kid: We as parents are always the first one to criticize our kids and the last one to applaud. Change this behavior. Look for small reasons to hug your child, like if they help in household work and arranging his/her own cupboard, if they have achieved good marks in the class test, if they do not lie to save themselves from punishment, etc.

You may find hugging a simple gesture, but remember this simple gesture can convey your feelings without uttering any words. A hug is a way of saying you matter to me. It can break a long silence in your parent–child relationship. Once your child graduates and leaves home to get a job, you will long to hug him/her. So hug your child often while they are still there with you; make him/her feel special. Make your relationship strong and the bond unbreakable. Remember it is these hugs that you will cherish in the absence of your child.


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