Even Men Get Pregnant


This will not sound weird to a lot of people, but it is true that men get pregnant too. Nature chose woman to bear a child and become a ‘mother’. However, in this process of bringing a new life in the world, we are also creating ‘fathers’ and getting men pregnant!

The hormonal spikes during a woman’s pregnancy take women on an emotional roller coaster ride. But what goes unnoticed is that men join this ride just as much! Although the emotional flux in men is not induced by hormones, there is still emotional turbulence nevertheless.

They feel anxious about the impending expansion of their family, the additional responsibilities that it brings along, the financial demands that the new member will make on their income, among other things. If the woman chooses to quit her job and stay at home with the baby, the responsibility of being the sole provider may exert mental pressure of some men.

They feel protective of their wife, while worrying about the duress that child-bearing and birth would put her through. They also feel insecure about her attention getting divided, some even worry about their sex life while the baby is on its way.

Some may also get into self-loathing even before the baby arrives, thinking and believing that they may not make the best of fathers.

While the mother gets a lot of attention, men are totally ignored while the bun is baking in the oven. It’s not uncommon for men to feel left out. This could sometimes lead to unwanted differences between the couple.

This deluge of emotions may not be easy to handle for many fathers. Some family member should counsel these fathers in the making.  His partner in this crime, the wife, is the best person for this task. The easiest way to help men get through these emotions and feelings is to understand that men and women look at pregnancy differently. A woman should give her partner enough space and time for them to experience pregnancy in their own unique way. The best way would be not to criticize men if their reactions are other than what the women expected.

Men need to be reassured that they will make great fathers, and that their husband-wife bond would remain intact. In fact, they should be reassured that the bond between the couple will only deepen with the arrival of the child, as it will be their shared success, and that together as a couple they will make great parents!


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