Features and Review of Sunbaby Stroller


Are you in love with adorable designs and patterns and looking for something cute for your baby’s evening strolls? You don’t need to look further. The Sunbaby Stroller is what you’ve been looking for. It is comfortable and easy to handle and has numerous cute designs and patterns which give it a dainty look.

    1. Material: The Sunbaby Stroller is made out of soft cushions and has also has an extra seat pad in special design for your baby’s ultimate comfort. It is equipped with a canopy to protect your baby from sunlight. It also has a mosquito net to protect the baby from mosquito bites.
    2. Weight: The stroller is very lightweight and easy to handle and can be manipulated effortlessly. It can carry children between the age of zero and three.
    3. Safety and handling: The Sunbaby Stroller has four wheels. The front wheels are swivel suspension wheels to absorb jerks so that your baby doesn’t know a thing. The rear wheels are equipped with brakes to prevent the stroller from moving unnecessarily. The stroller has a three-point harness to hold your baby in place.

  1. Adjustable: The Sunbaby Stroller can be adjusted into three positions—sitting, sleeping, and reclining—and also has an adjustable footrest. It also has a rattle to keep your baby entertained and happy. The handle of the stroller is lined with soft foam and is reversible in order to face you, so that you can pay attention to the baby when needed. This is a rocking stroller, which means that you can even rock your baby to sleep.
  2. Storage: This stroller has a big bottom storage mesh to keep all of your baby’s things while you’re on the go. It has a detachable front snack tray which can be placed and removed according to your requirement, and also has a bottle holder.
  3. Colour and price range: The Sunbaby Stroller is known for its safety features and its pretty designs. These strollers come in different animal prints and other such designs. All these features are offered at an affordable price range of 4000–5500.

The Sunbaby Stroller with its easy handling is the perfect stroller in the market. Now you can walk with your baby and everyone will notice and appreciate not only your beautiful baby, but also the adorable design of the stroller in which your carry your baby.


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