Healthy Snacking: Japanese Rice Balls


When it comes to eating, you might find your toddler acting a little fussy at times. Especially those 4pm hunger pangs!

Here’s a healthy recipe that is easy to make and delicious to eat 🙂

-Put 8 sliced baby carrots in a steamer pot over boiling water for 3 minutes, add 1 cup broccoli florets and steam for 2 more minutes.

-Add 1 piece sole or any mild white fish and steam for another 3 minutes or until everything is cooked through and fork tender.

-Place the fish and vegetables in a food processor and pulse.

-Do not puree the mixture though. It should have a little texture and be dry.

-Take 1-2 T of cooked rice and 1tsp of vegetable/fish mixture and combine.

-With moistened hands, roll into a ball, about the size of a golf ball.

-Serve it to your kid.

Isn’t it a brilliant idea? You can thank us later.


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