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Every parent dreams that their child should excel in the field he/she chooses. Parents will do whatever they can to make the dream come true. Then why is it so that some kids excel while others stay mediocre. Have you ever wondered what is missing in an average kid? Here we will share a few techniques that can facilitate your little one's path toward excellence:

1. Involve children in household chores: Children who help parents in household work are more focused and organized. The daily chores help them have a clarity of thought and value their contribution to the work assigned. These kids are responsible, confident, and full of suggestions. Apart from assigning tasks, as a parent you should also instill them with characteristics such as good manners and a strong sense of value.

2. Set high expectations from your kid: Every parent has expectations from their kid according to their abilities. Studies show that kids whose parents have high expectations from them tend to outperform. So set high standards for your kid's raw talents and see them shine like a star. There are three basic factors which influence kids: (a) absenteeism, (b) lack of reading material at home, and (c) excess television hours. Limit their television-watching hours, avoid leaves from school, and read to your child or involve them in some DIY projects at home.

3. Get engaged in your child’s school: Be actively involved in your child’s school activities. Schools have regular Parent Teacher Meets where you can interact with the teachers and check your child’s progress along with the areas of weakness, if any. Some schools even have field trips for parents, where they can sit and understand the child’s curriculum, teaching strategies, and goals.

4. Don’t just grade your child: Parents often compromise on their kid’s play time or other creative classes for studies. These outdoor or creative activities help kids learn various lessons and skills required for a successful career in life. Every kid may not be bright in studies. Each child has his/her own skills; find them and nurture their talent.

5. Learning cannot happen with shortcuts: Although learning can always be fun, there are no shortcuts to it. Teach your kid this lesson. Your kid has to learn many lessons the harder or longer way. Let them understand only patience and hard-work pays and prepare them accordingly.

Remember, “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that makes them a successful human being.”


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