Learn: Balancing Work and Relationship with Your Kids


I’ve made mistakes! And I’ve learnt from them. My husband and I are working professionals and ever since we had our son, we could guess he was feeling neglected. So, to ensure maximum involvement with our kid, we’ve drafted out a few rules to abide by at home.

  • Don’t argue and fight: Frustration and work stress are synonymous to lives of today. That often leads to unnecessary arguments and fights between the parents. Make a thumb rule of not fighting in front of your children.
  • Keep gadgets away: Have a ‘no gadget’ rule. Doesn’t that sound impossible? But trust me, the results are amazing. Plug into your children’s thoughts every day after work. They are fantastic stress busters!
  • Have a morning routine: Since kids move out early for school and parents enter the home only in the evening, create a special morning ritual with your child. Read the paper together, have an early morning walk in the park or just a small conversation standing out on the balcony.
  • Have dinner together: Easy said than done, but having dinner together works as the best way to bond as a family. Utilise this time in working as a team by laying the table, talking about your day in general and just laughing on silly things. Remember, this is the only time when you actually see what your child eats.
  • Check on your child once a day: Speak to your child once a day. Talk about their experience in school and briefly inquire about their health. If your child goes to a daycare, speak to the teacher in charge or ask for CCTV access so as you can monitor them.
  • Avoid bringing work home: Kids seek attention. Have a dedicated family time and don’t get too involved with official work while at home.

While I have mentioned few things to follow, the mantra that also works is to not giving in to each and every request of your child. I am sure this just helps in passing the guilt of not spending time with your child, but it doesn’t work in the long run. Kids need attention and your time. Do not replace it with anything less.


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