MumpaActivity: Finger Drawing


This is a simple to do at home activity which can help you spend quality time with your child and while playing this game, you kid will sharpen her/his pre writing skills.

You will need some flour on a plate. And now you are ready to play!

Ask your kid to draw objects/shapes with her fingers on the flour plate.
You can encourage her to draw everyday objects like a tree, table, chair etc.

While the child draws talk about the object that that is being drawn. For eg if it’s a sun, talk about the colour of the sun, the sun gives us energy, the sun is also called a ball of fire.

How you elaborate on the object should depend on the age of the child
Ask the child some questions What all did you draw? Did you enjoy doing this? What did you draw which appears in the sky?

Your kiddo will really have fun messing around with the flour while learning how to draw and write.

Be prepared to do some cleaning up after the activity. Involve the child in the cleaning up too!

Skills Learnt:
Pre writing skill
Ability to illustrate ideas

Happy learning at home!


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