MumpaActivity : Learning about dairy products

Mental health of your child is as important as his/her physical health. Television is a great way to keep your child involved, but it does not require any active participation on the child’s behalf.
Another demerit of keeping your child busy with the idiot box, playstation or any other gadget, is that you, as a parent, might not get to interact much with them. Additionally, you might also miss out on what your child is learning (or not learning) on a daily basis.
To keep your children engaged and to be able to spend quality time with them, we bring to you this small activity of about 10 minutes.Using this, your child would be able to know the difference between various dairy products.He/she would learn the concept of these products as well as the advantages of the same.
Activity : Sorting dairy productsTime taken : 15 minutesAge : 2 years+Things needed :
– Milk products like milk, butter, paneer.What you need to do (preparation) : Put various dairy products and some fruits and vegatables on a tray and ask the child to sort itWhat the child has to do : Sign a rhyme. talk about each product in the assortment.Questions you should ask:
– Ask if Tomato is a vegatable, fruit or a dairy product.
– Discuss the benefits of milk & milk products.What the child learns : Concept and benefits of dairy products



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