MumpaActivity : Stacking Blocks


Here’s another activity for parents to gel-well with their kids and make their time more productive!
Learn this in a few seconds and make learning fun again! 🙂

Time taken : 10 minutes

Age : 1 years+

Things needed : Stack Of Rings Toy

What you need to do (preparation) : Talk about colours to your child. Show her the ring/block and mention the colour. Point towards an object of the same colour in the room. Talk about a red fruit like apple, mention that the tree has green leaves, etc.

What the child has to do : Now simply ask the child to stack the rings/block along with you.

Questions  you should ask:

  • Ask if there is a smaller or larger block than the one she is using
  • Ask her to identify the  colors

What does the child learn :

  • Colours, Concept of big and small, Develop fine motor skills


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