MumpaActivity: Write a letter to Santa


It is the time of the year when we hum ‘jingle bells’ to ourselves and our child.

Christmas means candies, cakes, gifts and a Santa popping out from every nook and corner of the city.  Santa is an affable child friendly, figure, who children look forward to meeting every Christmas, not just to pose with him but also for the surprise gifts that he brings along! 

While the mythical Santa just delivers the gift, it is the job of the real Santa (Mum & Dad) to scoot for the right gift for the child! At times, we are unable to decide on the present that Santa should bring for the child! 

To ease this dilemma why not encourage your child to write a letter to Santa, telling him what they want from him? 

This will not only make your job easy in getting the gift but also set the child’s expectation for the gift.

 While you are writing the letter, you can discuss the gift, it’s availability, feasibility (price) for Santa to get the gift, the size of the gift as Santa may not be able to carry something very big as he has to carry so many gifts in his satchel! 

Once what they want is settled, just write the letter with your child! You can spend some time decorating the letter and can even drop it in a letter box!

 You can use this letter writing opportunity to make the child reflect on what others may like as gifts from Santa. You can encourage the child to ask for something for friends and family too! This will plant the idea of caring, sharing, loving others, acknowledging their desires and not focusing on oneself all the time. It is a lesson which will make them better human beings today and always.

So let’s get started. We hope Santa delivers all the gifts and promises in time! 

Merry Christmas to all!


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