Positive Effects of Appreciating your Child


I read somewhere that when we express appreciation to young kids, it gives them a sense of significance. It instantly motivates them to do things better.

Expressing appreciation to your young ones can go a long way in instilling the values of humility and gratitude in them. It not only boosts their self esteem but also improves discipline in them.

There are so many set of behaviours or acts that our kids portray which can be easily appreciated and complimented. The next time you see your child demonstrating honesty (by telling the truth) or kindness (by the way they talk), take them aside and offer a sincere compliment. It is not easy to find such traits that too in young children.

I often dwell over the number of times I must have reminded my son about the things he hasn’t done. Not made his bed or did not finish his homework, I mean there are many such instances I can think of here. But that’s the point. Thinking about what all they have not done just makes us forget the little things they have actually done. They must have taken an hour to finish their meal, but appreciate that they did not spill. Look out for the positives in them to let them know that they too can do things right.

Kids often are told to keep shut when the elders are talking. Have you ever wondered why? It is their way of participating and contributing in the conversation. They want to be a part of the same and hence their little advices and comments pour in. So help them to make them contribute. “Can you help me in clearing the table , “Please water the plants for me” or “Where should we hang this new painting?” are great ways to get the work done as well making them a part of the daily chores. Always complement by saying- “I really appreciate your contribution” and “I just loved your idea.”

There are times, when kids get bored with the routine tasks you give them. Motivate them by saying- “You really dusted that table clean” or “I just love the way you have made your bed” It would just comprehend that you are noticing their quality of work and encouraging them to do better.

Sometimes, there is a need to reward your child in return of a desirable behaviour exhibited. It is a consequence that says “well done”. Reward them. It could be a surprise, extra 10 minutes of television or maybe even a special dessert.

Parents, it takes a lot of appreciation to weigh down one criticism. I am not saying- keep praising them unnecessarily. But also know that criticism demoralises the child to the core. Make up for it whenever you can.

There are days when I find no particular reason to appreciate my son; when he is cranky, extra naughty and just overly hyperactive. And that’s when I tell him- Thank you for being you. And he just smiles!




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