Rear Facing Car Seat Its Advantages and Age Suitability

Car Seat

Car seat is hands down a necessary travel accessory when you are travelling with your baby. Depending on your need, you can choose from a wide range of car seats available in the market. They are of two types: front facing and rear facing.

Front facing seat, as the name suggests, is the one where the child faces in your direction while you sit on the front seat of the car. In a rear-facing car seat, your child sits in the direction opposite to yours.

Both types of car seats have their own advantages. If you are a new parent, then we suggest that you opt for a rear-facing car seat till your child turns four. This may sound strange to many, but here are the advantages of buying a rear-facing car seat:

1. Frontal crash: Your babyʼs head, neck, and spinal cord are the ones which are the most vulnerable to damage in a frontal crash. A rear-facing car seat cradles the baby’s head, neck, spine, and torso and disseminates the crash forces to the seat, thus preventing any shock injury to the child.

2. Safer legs: During a crash, your child’s legs can be compressed by the front seat. But if your child is sitting in a rear-facing car seat, the legs are in a cannon-ball position. No matter how bad the crash is, your child’s legs will suffer from no major injuries and therefore will always be safe from any kind of accident or shock.

3. Enjoy the view: While you travel with your child, their entertainment is very important to contain them in the car seat. Apart from talking, singing, and telling stories, you can keep them busy with the outer view. Kids can enjoy uninterrupted view of the outside while on the go.

Therefore, ideally you should use a rear-facing car seat till your baby turns four. However, determining the right age can be a debatable issue for many parents and most will switch to a front-facing car seat after their child’s second or third birthday. Whenever you choose to switch the car seat, make sure that the transition is smooth. Buy a safe and comfortable car seat to enjoy your travel with the child and ensure that your child is safe from any untoward incident.


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