Sibling Love


When you had your first one, you thought you have been stretched to maximum capacity to love, care and bear responsibility. Sleepless nights, an unpredictable schedule, additional work and unmeasurable amounts of worry for the wellbeing of your dot, leads one to belief, that one can’t handle another baby. Doing this all over again, for one more child would have seemed impossible at that point to most of us.

But life has its own way and soon most of us welcome (or will welcome) our second child! With the arrival of this baby, we’ll rekindle our energies and raise the second one with the same amount of love but with far less worries, as we now believe in our parenting abilities!

The first child has the privilege of being the first born, that’s the baby who turned us into parents, this spot is prized and unique. But the second one is no less fortunate; she not only has the love of the parents, but a tutor, a guide, mentor and hero to emulate in the elder sibling.

You thought the bond between you and your child is the strongest bond possible? It’s time to rethink! The two siblings (whether the same sex or not) will grow into an inseparable duo who will fight for every crayon in the house but still stick together. They will enjoy each other’s company, remember the super hero that the other one likes the most, order the food the other one likes, will avenge their sibling’s fall from the swing in the park and so on and so forth.

They’ll be each other’s partner in crime, in mischief, in childhood fights today, they’ll be each other’s sounding board of tomorrow and the support system of day after when you and I will be gone.

Deciding to have two children and not one, caring for two, providing for two, is a decision that needs deliberation. But some things in life are beyond deliberation and control of us mortals, having a sibling is probably one of those things. Fortunate are the kids who have a sibling, the love of and for a sibling is a blessing that we can let our children have.


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