Snacks For Kids


We are always concerned about our child’s health and feel the need to do everything possible to keep her safe. But when it comes to food, we dump all our philosophies and treat them with unhealthy options that could lead to severe health problems later on! Here is a healthy snack option that you could make:

  • Baked Sweet Potato Tots:

        Peel and quarter cut 3 cups sweet potatoes. Steam them until just starting to get tender, but not cooked through. In a food processor, pulse sweet potato until small crumbles form. In a bowl combine sweet potatoes and some cheese, mash together with your hands until well combined. Form into balls and roll in 1/2 cup grated raw parmesan cheese until lightly coated. Place onto cookie sheet and bake at 425* for 10-15 minutes to cook evenly on all sides. These freeze very well, but freeze after rolling into balls – do not bake first. You can also freeze them on a cookie sheet and then place into a freezer bag.  

It’s a matter of habit and practice through which children learn about healthy eating and understanding the importance of balanced diets.


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