Things That You Should Buy If You Are Training Your Child to Sleep Independently


Sleep is the most important factor in a child’s growth. Poor sleeping habits are linked with obesity and other health problems like depression and anxiety.

If you want your baby to grow healthier and happier, it is important that they sleep peacefully. Once your baby graduates to a toddler stage, you should start training them to sleep independently, but this cannot happen overnight. You have to gradually prepare the child to get into the habit of sleeping independently.

Here is a list of things you should buy if you are training your child to sleep independently:

1. Baby cot: The first step toward training your child is to have a separate baby cot for them. You can place the baby cot right next to your bed so that the kid gets used to sleeping separately but is within a safe reach. Gradually, when your baby is comfortable, you can put them in a separate room. Baby cots are expensive, so keep the following factors in mind before finalizing the cot:

• Safety: The structure of the baby cot should be such that your baby enjoys their bed and play time. The cot should be deep enough and bars should be perfectly distanced to prevent any slippage of the baby from the bed.
Convertibility: Buying a baby cot is a crucial decision as it involves huge investment. Ensure that it can be converted to a baby bed as your baby grows.
• Adjustable height: Your baby grows faster than you think. Ensure that the height of the baby cot is adjustable with the growth of your child.
• Durability: A baby cot is a one-time investment; ensure it is sturdy and durable.

2. Cot bumper: Transition from a big bed to a baby cot can be uneasy for the baby. You do not want them to get hurt in their new bed. This is when cot bumpers come handy. Buy a cot bumper that is airy and does not suffocate the baby by blocking fresh air.

3. Baby monitor: Once your baby is comfortable in their own room, a baby monitor can help you listen to or keep a watch on them from another room. You can either choose a visual baby monitor or go for a simple audio monitor.

Keeping your baby safe while they are sleeping is very important, so buy items which can help your baby and you sleep peacefully and independently.


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