What is a Baby Monitor


A baby monitor is a device that you can use to monitor, or keep an eye on your baby. It is a type of radio system through which you can hear your baby’s sound, whether it is the sound of your baby’s movement or your baby’s speaking or mouth sounds, even from a distance, or from a different room.

When baby monitors first came into the picture, they could only transmit your baby’s noise, so that you could hear an audio and know that your baby is safe. However, with the advancement in technology, baby monitors are now far more technologically enhanced and superior. In fact, these days you can buy baby monitors that not only let you keep a track of your baby’s sounds through audio, but also allow you to get live visual feeds.

Also, a lot of baby monitors now allow you to check the feed live on your own smartphone or handheld gadget, so that you are not restricted to placing another monitor in the room where you are.

The baby monitor was first developed in the year 1937 and it was named the “Radio Nurse.”

Today, the video baby monitors are also known as baby cams, and you can even attach the feed to your television or wall mounted screen to keep a direct eye on baby.

What are the types of baby monitors available?

Baby monitors can be of different types, and here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Audio monitors: This has a transmitter unit and a microphone that is placed near the baby. It helps you listen to your baby through sound waves.
  2. Video monitors: Baby cams use the means of a video camera to show you live images.
  3. Movement monitors: These use sensor pads to know when your baby has gotten off the crib or bed.


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