When is a Good Time to Start Play School for your Kid


It was just few months ago when the midwife or nurse placed your newborn into your arms. Those tiny feet are now big enough to walk and quench their inquisitive thirst. The soft little hands are now ready to scribble and paint the walls with modern art of their own. The twinkling eyes will now witness events around them and their impressionable minds will register everything. Yes, we are talking about your baby’s first step to formal education in an informal setup – the playschool.

Choosing a playschool is very important as it forms the base of your child’s education and all-round personality. But more important is to enroll your baby at the right age. Although the enrollment age of kids of most of the playschool is 2.5 years, it depends when your baby is ready to step out. Before selecting the playschool, look out for the following to be sure that it is the right time for your baby to start playschool:

1. Ability to be independent: Your child is always accompanied by at least one of the parents at all times. The 3-4 hour separation period at the playschool should not be traumatic for them. Your baby should be slowly and gradually trained for spending time at playschool among other children.

2. Communication: Some playschool enroll students who are below 2.5 years. If you are planning for an early admission, ensure that your baby is able to speak properly or at least communicate in an effective manner. This is required as the teachers should understand what your baby wants or is trying to express.

3. Toilet trained: Most of the playschools help your kids to toilet train, but we feel that before you fill the admission form, your child should be toilet trained. Some kids do not feel comfortable in the presence of others while they relieve themselves. Also, if they are toilet trained properly, it eliminates many health hazards.

Nowadays, in most of the urban families both the parents are working. It becomes imperative for them to send their kids to playschool while they are away at work. Playschools not only help those parents take care of their kid, but also provide ample opportunities for your baby to learn and grow. However, it cannot be a substitute for the contact time a child must have with their parents. Playschool is the first formal interaction your baby will have with others, so give them time to be prepared and geared for the challenges to come.


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