Why are Baby Cot Bumpers Necessary?

Baby Cot Bumpers

You want everything perfect for your bundle of joy. You will go to any limits to make your house baby-proof. You take care of every small possible hazard that could affect your baby’s well-being. But what if the safety features you are investing in turns out to be dangerous for your kid?

While decorating your baby’s room, the first thing that comes to your mind is your baby’s crib. You critically examine everything you buy for your munchkin from bedding to pillow, blanket to waterproof mattress protector.

Your baby’s crib is an infant bed and can be used till the time your child outgrows it. You would be tempted to buy cot bumpers to prevent injuries to your baby. Crib or cot bumpers are padded pieces covered with cloth placed right about the mattress. The bumper is tied around the crib's slats to avoid slipping of baby’s limbs or banging head against the sides.  

The use of crib or cot bumpers has been controversial as there are both pros and cons of using bumpers.

Pros of Cot Bumpers

Cot bumpers keep your baby safe while he moves around in the crib. Your infant is learning how to roll and accidently he/she might reach to the side of the crib. The crib bumpers prevent baby’s body parts to get stuck in the crib’s slat. You can use crib or cot bumpers without any doubt till your baby turn 6 months old.

Cons of Cot Bumpers

According to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the so-called safe crib bumpers are not safe at all. If your child’s head gets stuck in the bumper, it can suffocate your baby.

Another point against the usage of cot bumper is that the bumper pads decrease the ventilation in the crib.

Alternatives to Cot/Crib Bumpers

So if cot bumpers are not safe what are the alternatives to safeguard your baby from injuries? The parents have now turned to mesh bumpers. They prevent injuries and are breathable.  

Although, crib bumpers and its alternatives are not recommended by AAP, it is still safe for kids below 6 months of age as kids are too small to roll over and get stuck in the bumper. You can remove the bumper once your baby turns 6 months or begin to roll whichever is early. Also, older kids can use it as an aid to step out of the crib.

To sum up, it is the parent’s call whether they want to invest in cot bumpers for such short duration.   


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