Why is it Important to have a Routine for Your Child


Routine and structure play an important role in a child’s life. Living life is not easy for us grown-ups, imagine how chaotic it would be appearing to littles lives! By building and following a routine, we can add structure and predictability in the lives of our kids.

It is proven that children whose families have a set schedule have the possibility of being healthier and better behaved. It teaches children self-discipline and can help them perform better at school. It also helps to get rid of internal strife as you aren’t bulldozing the child around, and they acquire the ability to construct their own lives.

Most parents find that developing a schedule for your child makes life much easier. Young children tend to rely on a schedule because predictability makes them feel safe as they know what’s coming next. Your child will be satisfied to know that she gets to have breakfast after waking up and then it’s time to go to the park and play or that she’ll get to read “A very hungry caterpillar”.

A baby’s needs are simple and mostly just include sleep, food, love and play. The important part is knowing what your baby requires when, and how much of it. It is also necessary to be able to manage your own needs along with the rest of the family members’.

Within a week’s time of setting up a routine you’ll see plenty of benefits. The child will learn responsible and positive behavior. She will feel more in control over her life and become more confident. You should try to make positive reinforcement a part of this daily routine.

Routines are also an important part of a child’s social development skills. There should be preparations for transitions in the routine. You can talk to your child and say “After ten minutes we will have dinner. When the big hand of the clock touches 6 it will be time for you to fill up your tummy.”

There are ways of building creativity in your child while following a routine by making pictures with colorful papers of the activities for the entire day. Stick the chart in your child’s room and this will help her gain a sense of self-sufficiency as she will be able to pinpoint what she has to do next.

Not having a routine for your child would be like hoping to run a business without a business plan.

Even though routines are an important part of a child’s life, make sure to not be too strict regarding them as the child needs to learn to be flexible too. Flexibility will help the kid deal with minor changes in the schedule and not create a fuss about it.

The sooner you start to order your child’s life, the easier it will be. They will develop a sense of how to manage their time in an efficient and productive manner while organizing their own life in a way that cuts down stress.

Be healthy, be happy!


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