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LuvLap StarShine Baby Stroller

Good Product, recomended to buy.

reviewed LuvLap StarShine Baby Stroller on Feb 23, 2018

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Toy House Forward Facing Booster Convertible Car Seat

Good Product, recomended to buy.

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Baby Accessories


Shopping baby accessories for your newborn baby can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. Luvlap has a wide range of baby accessories. Moreover, with so many options that are available in the market, it turns out to be difficult to determine the best accessory product for toddlers. There are numerous types of baby accessories you can find in the market.


LuvLap dry sheet


LuvLap baby dry sheets are highly absorbent and are made of 100% reusable waterproof material. It is lightweight and easy to carry. LuvLap dry sheet is Instadry with extra absorbent quick dry sheet with baby bed protector. Luvlap dry sheet has an extra absorbent sheet comes with soft and breathable material, lightweight and portable. It comes in size of 140cm by 100cm and can be used on the bed as well as in cot.The LuvLap dry sheet protects the bed from getting wet while keeping the little ones dry and comfortable. No diapers are required to be used on the dry sheet. The most amazing thing is that it comes in 10 attractive colours to choose from, does not give any plastic odor and can be absolutely washed in the machine. 


LuvLap toothbrush


It is important to provide proper oral and gum care to your little one even before they develop their first teeth. LuvLap offers a range of gum and oral care products forbabies to toddlers. The table below gives you a glance at their popular oral and gum care products for babies.


LuvLap Baby Silicone Finger Toothbrush

For Babies- helps to gently clean their mouth and gums

LuvLap Baby Training Toothbrush Set

Three stage toothbrush - can be used to toothbrush training

LuvLap JOY Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Can be used for infants as well as toddlers


LuvLap Baby Silicone Finger Toothbrush - is designed to be used for maintaining the oral hygiene of your little munchkin. Made up of extremely soft silicone bristles, it fits perfectly on mom’s index finger. The rounded dots present on the surface help in gentle cleaning of the mouth and massaging of the gums. It also has a carry case to put it away and maintain it hygienically. The non toxic, BPA free, Liquid Silicone is perfectly safe for your little one.


LuvLap Baby Training Toothbrush Set - These are a three stage tooth brush set and a tongue cleaner perfect for training your little ones to brush. They havesilicone heads with soft fine bristles to gently clean the teeth of the little ones. They also come with an anti choking guard so can be used comfortably with younger babies.

LuvLap JOY Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush


LuvLap toothbrush allows the child to have fun with it while they are brushing. It helps in developing good brushing habits.  Designed for small mouths, this Luvlap toothbrush gently cleans your baby's teeth while massaging their gums. The suction base keeps the toothbrush in a secure upright position when not in use that prevents accidental knocking down onto dirty surfaces. It is available with 2 replaceable brush head sets.


Luvlap muslin swaddle


Luvlap muslin swaddles are made of  100% ultra-soft muslin cotton fabric. It's ideal for sensitive skin.  It keeps your little one cool in summer and warm in winter.The lightweight swaddle  can serve multiple uses: it can be used as a swaddle wrap, blanket,  burp cloth, stroller cover, play mat, nursing cover. It dries quickly and has high absorption.It does not shrink, does not fade, is durable and is safe for a new-born baby's skin. Luvlap muslin swaddle is a must purchase for every new mom. You can buy them in attractive designs. 


Luvlap feeding spoon


Luvlap feeding spoons are made of 100% food grade material which are BPA free. Luvlap feeding spoon is heat sensitive ideal for babies and FDA approved. It includes a dust cover to protect the food. It has an anti leakage disk. It is easy to squeeze and feed with one hand. 


Luvlap kangaroo bag


Luvlap kangaroo bag is an elegant carrier for a baby upto 24 months. It comes with all safety measures with the right support to the baby. The polyester material helps in easy clean up. It is great for your baby to explore the surroundings safely while feeling emotionally secure. Made of premium quality breathable fabric, with multi carrying positions and adjustable belts make sure both baby and parent is most comfortable. Close carrying has been scientifically proven to help your baby grow up to be secure, intelligent, family oriented and happy. So whether it is to do small chores or to meet friends, you can take your baby out with you every time.It helps parents to carry baby inward facing, outward facing, feeding and Piggy back positions. It comes in a range of attractive colours.


Luvlap nail cutter:

Luvlap nail cutter is a part of the entire grooming kit for babies which is highly safe and easy to use especially for new parents. Luvlap baby scissors and nail clipper set come with fine blades that help painless nail cutting. It comes with a protective cover that prevents dust gathering on the nail clipper. Luvlap endeavors to weave the little stories into products with an emphasis on child safety and enrichment of features that your little one gets the comfort that’s next only to the warmth of your lap.


Luvlap bassinet is portable and comfortable to use and adheres to European standards. The stable legs and strong body prevents the bed from falling. The steel frame provides safety and stability. The mesh canopy prevents babies from mosquito bites. The mattress makes it comfortable for the baby to take a nap when tired. 



Luvlap dolphin sipper all its parts are sterilizable and dishwasher safe. The soft silicone straw is gentle on the baby's teeth. It is easy for babies to hold and drink from the sipper as it comes with the detachable easy grip twin handles. 


No wastage: The weighted straw moves with sippers movement in babies' hands, ensuring smooth flow of liquid at any angle and they drink till the last sip. Ensures no spilling


For older babies it can be used without a handle. Entire range of LuvLap sippers are available in attractive colours and designs which your little one is just going to love.



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