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LuvLap StarShine Baby Stroller

Good Product, recomended to buy.

reviewed LuvLap StarShine Baby Stroller on Feb 23, 2018

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Toy House Forward Facing Booster Convertible Car Seat

Good Product, recomended to buy.

reviewed Toy House Forward Facing Booster Convertible Car Seat on Feb 26, 2018

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A baby cot is a baby furniture which is a must have for various reasons. It lets the baby sleep better, undisturbed and also allows parents to have a restful night. It will also allow you to sleep train your baby better which will prove very advantageous to parents in the long run. Babies can sleep in the baby cot from birth. Depending on the type of baby cot that you choose to buy online or from the store, will determine how long you will be able to use the baby cot. Some baby cots can be converted into a bed by removing the side railings and then can be used by the baby until they are a few years old.


When you bring home a baby cot, you also get your baby’s first piece of furniture! It is also a precious piece of equipment that comes to immense use for you and your baby. With a cot, you can rest assured that your baby will be safe and secure, especially when you leave your baby unattended for some time. Your baby will also spend months after months in a cosy and warm bed. You can often use a good baby cot for more than two years as most cots can be converted into a baby bed.

Co-sleeping versus Independent sleeping

There are many advantages of parents co-sleeping with babies, which is widely practised in India and is popular in the Indian style of parenting.  A lot of mothers find co-sleeping with babies a lot more convenient for managing night feeds. However, there are many arguments in favour of making the child sleep independently too, and a lot of parents will rage about how a simple piece of baby furniture, a baby cot, has improved their lives.

Advantages of Baby Cot

1.   A Peaceful Night Sleep

Often, if your baby sleeps with you in the same bed, you or your partner's movements can disturb the baby's sleep, waking them up and, in turn waking them up to put the baby back to sleep.

2.       Prevents baby from rolling off the bed

You can leave your baby unattended for some time if the baby is placed in a cot; otherwise, going to the washroom could also prove to be tricky at night.

3.       Sleep training for baby can begin right from birth

Babies that sleep with their mothers ask to be fed more often during the night as the physical proximity with the mother, her smell, and the disturbances due to sleeping with adults tends to make the baby demand more night-time feeds. This frequent waking up in the night is detrimental to sleep training. Once the baby gets used to sleeping with their parents, the habit will be tough to break or change as they grow up.

 How to choose

Whether you're looking for your baby's first cot or to replace an old one, choosing a cot is a big decision. It is also an important tool that you must buy with care and caution; therefore, you must consider all three aspects: style, practicality, and safety features. Your baby will spend a considerable chunk of the first two to three years of their life in a cot, so make sure you see it as an investment - one that is built to last and is the safest cot possible. Choosing the cot and placing it in a suitable space in your house is crucial.

All parents want the best of all baby cots to make their babies safe and secure. You may wish to choose the best baby cot after ensuring it satisfies all safety regulations stipulated by consumer organisations. With so many models of baby cots available in the market, you may wish to conduct a thorough research study of what is available in baby stores.

Types of Baby cot

Here are some of the most common types of baby cots that you can find in a typical baby supplies shop-

1. Standard baby cots: These are the most common types of the baby cot that you can see anywhere. There are two types of standard baby cots – a standard cot fitted with a single drop side and a cot with double drop sides.

2. Convertible types of baby cots: These cots are very useful and practical because of their many uses. You can use them later as a convenient toddler bed or full-sized bed for your three-year-old child.

 Features to Consider Before Choosing a Baby Cot

1. Safety Rails                            

These beds are assembled in such a way as to ensure that no sides can be moved or opened. This is the most traditional type of cot bed. Beds with drop rails can be an excellent option for helping parents avoid back pain. Instead of bending down and lifting the baby out of the cot, you can simply drop the rails using a locking system located at the end of the rails.

2. Convertible Ones

Convertible cot beds are practical because they can be used as your baby develops. They also help toddlers get used to sleeping in a bigger bed. Those fitted with adjustable safety rails offer a number of advantages. They prevent the risk of falling while providing young children with more independence.

3. Choosing the Right Material

Cots with fixed safety rails are usually made of solid wood or have a plastic coating around the edges. For environmental reasons and to prevent health issues in children, an increasing number of manufacturers now prefer to coat baby cots with natural, allergen-free waxes.

4. Comfortable Mattress

Bed for newborns doesn't usually come with a mattress. Opt for a firm mattress to avoid the risk of suffocation. The mattress must be the same size as the cot. Opt for organic cotton if possible.

5. Style Matters

After months of planning the nursery, you do not want to avoid placing an old-looking, boring cot there. Ultimately, your choice of cot will come down to personal taste. Whether setting up a nursery or planning to set up the cot in your own room, you must think about style.

With the enormous benefits that baby cots provide, an increased number of parents are investing in them for their most adorable and lovable little ones. It’s the safest place for a baby to sleep, promotes independent sleep, leaves you with your own bed, keeps the baby safe, and can also be converted into a toddler bed and full size bed. However, shopping for a baby cot requires careful assessment and consideration to ensure a successful purchase. One needs to be mindful of the price, the features, and the cot's potential to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety while sleeping.




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