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Baby Wipes


Why Should I Use a Baby Wipe?


It is very important to keep a baby's skin clean to prevent rashes and skin irritation. A baby's skin needs to be cleaned after each diaper change and after mealtime and playtime. Using wipes to clean your baby’s skin will help disinfect the skin. While one can use soap , water and or damp cloth to clean the baby while at home, wipes come very handy when you are outside the house with your baby. Even at home wipes are fuss free and convenient to use. 


Healthy baby skin has a natural pH balance, but a dirty diaper could increase the pH, making the skin susceptible to rashes and irritation. Long  duration use of diapers leads to skin irritation as either the skin is left wet or gets extremely dry. There are studies to support that baby wipes are quite effective in gentle cleaning of the baby skin. In summer months, using baby wipes  on a baby has a calming and soothing effect. Clinical studies have shown that the modern baby wipes are superior to using water and cloth to clean diapered skin.


What is a baby wipe?

Baby wipes are wet wipes or tissues used to clean the diapered areas. They are also used to wipe the face and hands of babies


What are Baby Wipes made up of ?

Baby wipes are made of fibers of silk, cotton, polyester and wool that are spun together.



LuvLap Baby Wipes


LuvLap is a popular brand for baby products . LuvLap offers a wide range of baby wipes for parents to choose from; LuvLap Baby Wipes, LuvLap Wet Wipes, LuvLap Moisturising Wipes, LuvLap Sensitive Baby wipes, LuvLap Baby Water Wipes


Hypoallergenic formulation of the LuvLap wet wipes makes sure that your baby doesn't get rashes and allergies . All LuvLap Wet Wipes are dermatologically safe.The mildest ingredients are used in LuvLap wipes - making it gentle on delicate baby skin.


Whenever buying baby wipes, it is important to check for preservatives and chemicals like  parabens and alcohol which may be absorbed by the skin leading to serious developmental issues  in  babies. LuvLap Baby Wipes do not contain harmful parabens or alcohol.


Moreover,LuvLap Baby Wipes are also enriched with Vitamin E, aloe vera extracts, chamomile extracts or jojoba extracts. Vitamin E  helps lock in moisture - leaving baby's skin soft and smooth - Vitamin E also helps protect the skin from damage and has moisturizing and healing properties.


Aloe Vera extracts  help moisturize & soothe baby skin and keeps the baby skin hydrated and supple. Chamomile is useful in helping to soothe dry or sensitive skin - making it very effective on baby skin.

All LuvLap Baby Wipes are pH balanced and neutral - so there is no worry of  exposing the baby's skin to acidic or alkaline pH. They also come with a mild fragrance.


The LuvLap Wipes  come in 23cm x 11cm size which is handy to carry around while traveling with your baby. It easily fits into a baby's diaper bag or even a handbag. The LuvLap baby wipes come with lids so are easy to store. 


Other than wet wipes LuvLap also offers Luvlap Water wipes for babies. These contain 99% water and are good for babies prone to diaper rashes. Water wipes can also be used to clean the face and mouth.


For very sensitive skin there is LuvLap Sensitive Baby Wipe. LuvLap Sensitive Baby wipes have been especially designed for sensitive skin.These are fragrance free wipes, do not have harsh ingredients  and are  ideal for early days. They can also be used to clean the hands and mouths of children.


LuvLap moisturizing wipes contain Jojoba Oil and are the perfect wipes for  baby's delicate skin. Enriched with the goodness of soothing Jojoba Oil, moisturizing aloe vera and chamomile and Vitamin-E, they are also completely free of alcohol and harmful parabens. 


LuvLap Extra Thick Baby Wipes are  more absorbent and provide a superior cleaning experience and are perfect for older babies.


This wide range of wet wipes allows you to make your choice suited to your baby's needs. All LuvLap Wet Wipes are available online. They come at an affordable buying price. 




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