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Once a baby starts growing up, the first thing parents do is to childproof their house. Toddlers and even older children have inquisitive minds. Unaware of the dangers involved, to satisfy their curiosity, they often end up in accidents. The last thing parents have in mind is their children landing in accidents, hurting themselves, and causing minor to grievous injuries. The solution to keeping these worries away is to childproof one's house. LuvLap has a wide range of Baby Home Safety Products which help create a safe accident-free environment for your child.


LuvLap Baby Safety Electrical Socket Plug Cover Guards


Using safety devices properly helps ensure a child is kept from any electrical hazard. Ideally, electrical sockets should be placed out of reach of toddlers. However, if within reach, these sockets should be childproofed to ensure safety. A baby or a toddler putting their fingers or objects in the socket can succumb to an electric shock.


The LuvLap baby safety electrical plug cover guard protects toddlers and babies from accidentally getting shocked by preventing them from touching or inserting objects in electrical sockets. LuvLap baby safety electrical socket plug cover guards can be easily installed and fits most average electric sockets. They are readily available for buying online and come at an affordable price.  They are made of fire-resistant ABS material, 100% BPA free and shockproof.


LuvLap Baby Safety Door Stopper Finger Pinch Guard Pack

When a curious child learns to play, parents must be extra cautious regarding the doors and hinges. Children under the age of five are always at risk of getting their fingers jammed between doors and hinges, leading to crushed, fractured and even severed fingers. 


LuvLap Baby Safety Door Stopper Finger Pinch Guard saves baby fingers from pinching due to slamming doors or getting locked accidentally inside a room. It is made of high-quality, flexible, lightweight, and non-toxic EVA foam. It comes in many colours, has a kid-friendly animal-themed design, and the best feature is that it is extra thick for extra safety and fits all door sizes.


LuvLap Furniture Corner Guard for Baby Safety

Injuries to children from sharp furniture corners can range from abrasions and lacerations to face and head to injuries which may require surgery. So it is imperative to cover all the sharp edges of furniture. LuvLap furniture corner guard for baby safety helps in exactly doing so. These corner protectors are non-toxic and made from  BPA Free phthalates Free and odourless, eco-friendly natural rubber. So children are not at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals while exploring it. The soft and high-density foam cushions protect babies from hurting their heads, forehead and arms. They are easy to install and remove and do not damage the furniture as well.


LuvLap Baby Safety Furniture Locks for Double Door cabinets

It is not uncommon for curious babies and toddlers to bang on the doors of cupboards and pull on drawers. To allow them to continue their journey of exploration without getting themselves injured, LuvLap has Multipurpose baby safety drawer locks which prevent baby's fingers from pinching and also saves them from choking hazard. These locks can be used for cabinets with a pair of doors and also double-door refrigerators. 


LuvLap Baby Safety Furniture Locks

Besides furniture locks for double-door cabinets, LuvLap also has Baby Safety Furniture locks which can be used for cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilets, trash cans, windows, pet food containers, and refrigerators.

What is interesting is that LuvLap also has a combo pack of edge protectors, corner guards and door stoppers at affordable prices.

LuvLap Indoor Baby Safety Gate

LuvLap indoor baby safety gates are perfectly designed for doorways and staircases to prevent babies from falling and getting hurt. They are made of strong and durable steel with a double lock system, which allows adults to open them easily using one hand, but they are tough for children to open. They come in two sizes. They are easy to install and do not require drilling.  


LuvLap Comfy Baby Bed Rail

 One of the parents' worst nightmares is a baby falling off the bed. Luvlap has a wide range of Comfy Baby Bed Rails for child-proofing the bed. These prevent the baby from accidentally falling from bed. LuvLap comfy baby bed rails come in a range of attractive colours and are washable, foldable and easy to install and store. They also are made of a mesh material, which allows parents to see through them. They are available for online purchase and come at affordable prices. 



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