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If your baby falls in the age group of six to twelve months, it's just the right  time to start childproofing your house. In general, babies start crawling between six to twelve months of age. Some can pull themselves to a standing position and some even manage to take a few steps holding onto any furniture. If you have a staircase or steps at home no matter how big or small, it should be child proofed. You will understand this from the very fact that in the US alone, every six minutes a child falls down from stairs and  over 90,000 kids land up in the emergency rooms every year.


How to Child Proof Your Stairs for Child Safety?

Child proofing or baby proofing a staircase means that by no means your baby or toddler should have access to the staircase when they are unattended. Babies are inquisitive by nature and staircases appeal to them for exploration and become their favorite climbing spots. One glance away and they crawl to their independence. Installing a baby safety gate ensures your peace of mind and also prevents your munchkin from taking dangerous explorations. 


Use of Stair Installation Gates

If you have a staircase at home, no matter how big or small, it calls for installation of safety gates at top and bottom. One thing to keep in mind is the height of the baby safety gate. Your toddler should not be able to climb over it. 


LuvLap Stair Installation Gates

LuvLap is a leading and popular brand of baby products. Luvlap Indoor Baby Safety Gates are suitable for staircases. Other than being used for childproofing staircases,  Luvlap Indoor Baby Safety Gates can also be used for childproofing corridors, doors, hallway, Kitchen, balcony. Luvlap Indoor Baby Safety Gates help in keeping all the areas of your house which are not safe, inaccessible to your baby. LuvLap Indoor baby Safety gates are strong and are made of good quality steel and are retractable.This baby safety gate is easy to install on any staircase or doorway between 76 to 85 cm width and comes with a double lock facility. They are also available for spaces of size 86 cm to 95 cm width. The double locking mechanism  adds to  the security. The doors operate on an auto close system. Though adults can easily open these doors with one hand, it is very tough for the little fingers and hands to open them. It opens at 90˚ on either side to let you and your little one enter with ease. And the most amazing feature is that it’s just easy to install with no drilling required! So you don't have to worry about damaging the  finishing  of the wall or door frame, just unpack it and make your home safe for your baby


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