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    Mumpa is a parenting platform to add convenience in the lives of parents in their parenting journey. Mumpa is your aide in raising your child. We will help you discover places and people for kids’ essentials around you. Make informed decisions about what to select for your child based on reviews and recommendations from other parents. Discuss issues, take advice and share your stories. Make new friends in the parent community that is why we call the forum Parentship. We will also get you the best deals from places around you and simplify your shopping needs.

    About Mumpa

    Putting up with a child’s tantrum is easier than putting up with unsolicited advice on how to raise your child! Albeit, the need to discuss and find out what other parents are doing about something, how they are handling a situation is very important. The Parentship section lets you do just that. Share concerns, hear from other parents and also help them out. This is a live and active forum to address your parenting dilemmas.


    You don’t have to run helter-skelter to find out the best products and services for your child anymore. This section categorically lists out outlets and service providers for you to choose from. Read their review and find out what other parents have to say about their services and make an informed decision. Categories, names and addresses have been sorted, organized and verified and the lists are ready to use on the click of a button.


    Get updates about the best deals on baby products and services from outlets around you. Your need to buy things for your child is endless, this never ending buying punctures holes in your pocket but you still keep smiling! We will ensure an uninterrupted flow of deals to stitch some of these holes and make your smile brighter! Mark outlets as ‘favourite’ to ensure that you don’t miss out on an ongoing deal from a particular place.


    Convert your Mumpa points into exciting vouchers from outlets around you and get an additional discount. Keep the likes and comments going, list a place which is missing from our directory, write reviews, upload pictures and accumulate as many Mumpa points as you can. These points will help you find a spot on the leaderboard and also get you additional discounts! Now haven’t we made parenting rewarding?



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