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Entrepreneur by day, mother round the clock!

Sugandh is the soul of Mumpa. She's been an early adopter of technology and has over 7 years of experience managing high performing product & marketing teams. She holds a Bachelors in literature and a Masters in management. No wonder, then, that she's beautifully crafted her raison d'être into a periodic symphony of making Mumpa a great parenting partner, discussing homer, crooning classics and bringing up 2 toddlers.


Online Marketing Wizard at work, storyteller at home!

Saurabh is Mumpa’s genie in human form. He is an engineer from NIT-K and a management degree from IIM – Ahmedabad.


A Product Marketing Manager at work, lullaby specialist at home!

Shraddha is a human pinball at Mumpa, running from one end to the other to make sure all the work gets done. With a cumulative work experience of over 12 years, she’s learnt how to strategically and efficiently navigate her way around Online Product and Internet Marketing. She curates every aspect of Mumpa to make sure plans and outlines are converted into a reality, that too with a toddler of her own in tow.


Tech Architect at work, expert nanny at home!

Gangeshwar is the tech maestro who will tap some keys, make a little adjustment here and there, and viola! The Mumpa app comes to life. Gangeshwar holds a total of 8 years of work experience in Web and Mobile Development. He makes sure that the Mumpa app runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine, with any glitch getting fixed at lightning speed. Away from the office, Gangeshwar spends his time taking care of his child(ren).


Graphic Designer at work, cartoonist always!

Deepak is the quiet artist whose mind is constantly churning over ideas and designs for Mumpa. A relative newbie with 3 years of work experience, Deepak holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Delhi College of Arts. He possesses a talent unique to all artists – the ability to bring concepts into brilliant life. When not working on Mumpa’s graphic designs, you will usually find him doodling away on his next cartoon.


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