3 Ways to Make Your Child Eat Fruits


Are you worried that your kid does not eat enough fruits? Then read on for some tips-

At this time of the season the market is flooded with fruits like mango, watermelon, musk melon, litchi, grapes, papaya and peaches et al. While banana and apples being available throughout the year, there is a huge choice for us mommies to get creative and bring out the best ways to make our kids get their daily fruit intake.

Even though my son wasn’t a fussy fruit eater (knock on wood), I suggested few of my friends on how to make their little ones enjoy fruits.

**Eat the whole fruit**- One apple. One banana. One orange. ONE WHOLE FRUIT. And you’re done. Eating the whole fruit is always considered healthy and filling. Hand them an apple while they are watching their favourite cartoon, or make them gobble up a banana between the meals or a bowl of grapes just after their play time.

**Cut them creatively**- Kids are fussy. And mommies, we need to be creative. Try cutting the fruits in different shapes and sizes to make it presentable. Make it visually appealing for them. Hand them a coloured plastic fork and see them gorge on.

**Shake & Juice it up**- The next best way to add fruit in your kid’s diet is blending them. It may seem a little bit of an exercise but it has amazing results and kids love it. Mango milkshake, strawberry smoothie, orange and watermelon juice are just a few ideas. Again, the presentation is important. Have tall plastic glasses with funny straws to add the effect. I am sure they would not resist this at all.

Mommies, If they see it, they will eat it. If they don’t-they won’t. It’s as simple as that. Make sure, kids know where the fruits are kept in the house. Have small boxes with their name tags of their favourite fruits just in the front shelf of the fridge so that it’s easily accessible to them.


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