5 advantages of using cloth diapers


The two most prominent types of diapers available in the market are the cloth diapers and the disposable diapers.

As a parent, you want the one that is best for your baby. If you are planning to buy cloth diapers, or if you are not sure but want to know what are the benefits of cloth diapers for your baby, then do read on.

5 pros of using cloth diapers:

  1. Completely safe: More than any other advantage, the one and biggest advantage that parents look for in a baby product is how safe it will be for their little one. A cloth diaper is 100 percent safe and will be very gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Reusable cloth diapers are made with cotton and do not contain any harmful chemicals that could be toxic for your baby.
  2. Budget friendly: Using cloth diapers is a very economical choice, as these are reusable and you won’t have to buy fresh packs each time. They are priced very sensibly and are available almost at any baby store. As they are available through simple brands and stores, you can find the best quality at very reasonable rates.
  3. Easy to use: The concept of using cloth diapers are very simple and you can either use the ones you have to fasten with a baby safety pin, or buy the ones that come with ties or Velcro side straps. Depending on whether your baby is at home or you want to go out, you can choose the type of diaper that will work best.
  4. Absorbent lining when required: The best part about using a cloth diaper is that, while you can easily use it as a simple cloth option at home, without the need for an absorbent lining, you can insert a disposable absorbent lining when you have to take baby out. This will ensure that your baby is clean and dry, while the material you use is safe on baby’s skin.
  5. Environment friendly: Did you know that it takes about 500 years for a single disposable diaper to decompose? Imagine the amount of waste we are creating and leaving behind for our children! A cloth diaper is made of cotton, which is a biodegradable product. Also, since you will reuse the cloth diapers multiple times, it will create much lesser waste as compared to disposable diapers.


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