5 C’s to Crack the Nursery Interview


My mother deliberately wore a colourful sari on the day of our nursery interview. “It just helped you to remember the colours better” she says. But nowadays preparing your child for the pre-school or nursery interview can be a very nerve wrecking experience. Most parents get very anxious thinking about their child entering into the real world. However by preparing and thinking ahead, it makes the experience a little less scary for both you and your child.


Most of the schools have key developmental milestones that they assess the child on while they interview. Generally, there are a few pre-school staff members also present at the time of the interview observing your child on how they interact. How this experience can be made a little less jumpy? Read on.

**Communication**- Speaking in English is the first tip I share with all my fellow parents. Start conversing with your child in simple English sentences. Also inculcate the habit of listening. Give them small instructions like- “Please get me a glass of water” or “Let’s tidy up your toys”. This ensures basic following of instructions and ensuring discipline. Enhance the oral /written skills of the child by asking questions like “What is your favourite colour?”, “Can you draw a circle for me?”, “What do you like to eat?” or “Which is your favourite cartoon character?” This enhances the child’s ability to think and gives the opportunity to answer. Needless to say, encourage courtesy words like ‘Thank you” and “Sorry”.

**Concepts**- Apart from attitude and behaviour, a child’s concepts are also gauged. So keep revising letters, colours, shapes, numbers, birds, animals, topics like helpers and transport on a daily basis. Make visual charts and paste them in the room. Instead of memorising, use practical examples to explain to the child. For eg, talk about the helpers in your society.. Discuss how their help is invaluable.

Create- as many situations for the child to perform at home to revise such these concepts and appropriate behaviour. Children learn everything from your parents hence make sure you are well read and are exhibiting the right attitude and behaviour. Encourage sharing as a habit which usually is lacking in children especially who are the only ones in the family.

**Calm & Confident**- Focus on maintaining your calm throughout the interview even if the child falters or is unable to speak or respond. Motivate the child to interact however do not pressurise or force to behave or a respond in a certain way. Even at home, praise the child for trying and boost the morale if they go wrong somewhere.

Co-partners- Okay, both parents have equal responsibility of preparing the child for the interview. The interviewer also judges the team work that parents portray while answering questions pertaining to the child’s daily routine. Take turns in answering so that it is evident that both parents are spending quality time with the child. Be extremely patient and avoid creating panic attacks for you as well as the child. Try avoiding coaxing answers out of your child at the time of the interview. Sit back and let the child speak for themselves.

Keep these simple tips in mind and your child will crack the interview effortlessly.


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