5 Fibre rich Food for Children

5 Fibre rich Food for Children

We (am specifically addressing the mums of this world☺), are constantly striving to provide wholesome food to our kids. Our instructions are the same, I am sure, to limit junk food, aerated drinks and excess sugar in their diet. Great! But do we ensure that we include fibre rich food in our children’s food chart every day? Point to ponder upon…..

Fibre is very important for our child’s digestive system as it prevents constipation. It is also good for blood circulation and the heart. It also aids in weight management. Eating fibre helps to satiate hunger, so our kids do not tend to overeat. This is the need of the hour, as obesity is an increasing threat to our children’s health.

Let us look at a few food products that are potent reservoirs of fibre:

  • Apples and Bananas:

Kids generally love apples. It is one of the very few fruits that my son finishes, literally in a blink…..no persuasion required. You can experiment with it and present it differently to your kids; for e.g. add some cream on it. Children will love it.

Banana is another food rich in fibre. It is great on empty stomach. It keeps the tummy full. You might want to bake banana bread or make a smoothie for your kid.

  • Almonds:

Almonds are fibre rich, good for the eyes and the skin. They are great for our children. I generally soak a few almonds at night and give them to my son in the morning. You might want to add them to your child’s oatmeal or porridge (again, two rich sources of fibre) or just let her eat them, all nice and crunchy.

  • Spinach:

This vegetable is high on the fibre quotient. Palak Paneer is an all time favourite with most children. You might also want to try ‘palak parantha’, with yogurt. It tastes divine and is extremely nutritious.

  • Beans:

Try and incorporate the different types of beans, for instance, kidney beans and black beans. They are extremely beneficial for our children.

  • Pasta:

Whole grain pasta has lots of fibre, too. Children across ages love to eat it. You can again innovate and play around with the recipes. My son loves my ‘desi’ version of the pasta, with lots of vegetables.

Eat well, be healthy and strong…..this one is for all our little ones☺


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