A Safety Certified Pram Under Rs 5000!

If you have been shopping around for the perfect pram/stroller for your little one which offers all  features to qualify as a good pram/stroller, is safety certified and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket then aren’t you asking for a lot? There are affordable prams which come with great comfort features for the baby and ease of use features for parents. They function as perfect prams but the greatest drawback with them is that they don't provide you with safety certification. On the other hand, the prams/ strollers with complete features, accessories and safety certification can cost you dearly. The amazing thing is that despite seeming unbelievable, you can actually buy a pram/stroller which is Safety Certified and quite affordable; in fact its price is just under Rs 5,000. Read the features that this pram provides and then decide whether it fits your requirements. 


MUMMAMIA City lite Pram cum Stroller is sturdy with a metallic frame and has a carrying capacity up to 15 Kgs. This pram cum stroller can be used for newborns and toddlers as well. 


Pram Features


  1. Safety Features - MUMMAMIA City lite Pram cum Stroller is Safety Certified and comes with EN 1888 certification, which means the pram has been subjected to multiple tests to ensure that during use it doesn't prove to be a hazard for babies. The Pram/stroller has a 3 point harness system to secure your baby to the seat preventing them from either rolling over or climbing out of the pram.


  1. Comfort Features - Along with the guarantee of safety, it also has all other features of being a great choice for your baby. It comes with extra padded washable seats, and multiple reclining positions which ensure that your baby enjoys a relaxed and comfortable ride. It also has a stable foot rest for giving support to the baby during his/her ride outdoors and an extendable canopy which protects the baby from harsh Sun. The pram also comes with a storage basket to keep accessories you need to carry for your baby or to keep the things you purchased from the supermarket on the way. This stroller has been designed for a smooth ride for your baby and ultimate convenience for you. 


  1. Convenience Features - The swivel wheels of the stroller makes steering absolutely hassle free. As obvious as it may seem from its name ‘City Lite’, it is suited for rides in the city. It's sturdy and sleek design helps it to conveniently meander through narrow and busy spaces in the city. The pram also has a swivel locking mechanism, so if you need a straight and steady ride, you can lock the swivel. Both the wheels come with brakes making it easy for you to park it while you are stopping without having to worry about the pram rolling away. The pram has an inbuilt single hand folding mechanism. It can be folded just with the push of a button and can be either lifted in one hand or just pulled along. This keeps your other hand always free for your baby. The ease of handling it makes it your perfect travelling companion even when you are travelling alone with the baby. 


  1. Aesthetics - Coming to the aesthetics, the pram/stroller comes in a golden frame, alloy wheels and stylish design gives it a luxurious and yet a very contemporary look. There are three colours for you to choose from.


  1. Pram price on AmazonYou would be amazed to know the price of the pram which is Rs 3,899. (Price may vary)


The bottom line is that, if you are looking for an affordable pram for your baby and Safety Certification is a must requirement;  you can explore the MUMMAMIA City Lite Pram cum Stroller.


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