A Simple Super Sandwich Recipe to Boost Your Kid’s Immunity

Sandwich Recipe to Boost Your Kid’s Immunity

Colds coughs, a runny nose and allergies are common in children and are reasons for worry in parents.

Children, especially the small ones tend to pick up a lot of infections from preschools and nurseries.

One of the parental concerns is to do something to boost their kids’ immunity. Tulsi leaves are a great immunity booster, but to get our children to consume tulsi leaves can sometimes be difficult.

Here is a simple sandwich recipe to help you make your child eat Tulsi leaves.

Here is a simple sandwich recipe to help you make your child eat Tulsi.

Adding Tulsi Leaves to a Sandwich for Boosting Immunity

We have used paneer as the main ingredient in this sandwich but have added Tulsi leaves to the sandwich stuffing generously to convert the simple sandwich into a super healthy sandwich to boos kid’s immunity.

This healthy panner and tulsi sandwich recipe for kid’s health and immunity is easy to prepare and delicious to eat!

** Ingredients**

  • For the sandwich stuffing:
    – Few leaves of Tulsi, the one that is commonly available in India.
    – Some paneer or feta cheese (we have used paneer)
    – Salt to taste
  • Tomato/coriander chutney or tomato sauce to apply on the bread
  • Optional ingredients
    – Finely chopped Capsicum
    – Finely chopped onions
    – Finely chopped tomatoes
  •  A pinch of pepper chopped tomatoes


  • Chop the Tulsi leaves finely
  • Crumble the paneer
  • Add the basic ingredients to the crumbled paneer. You can choose to add some or all of the optional ingredients
  • Apply the sauce/chutney on one side of each slice of bread
  • Make a sandwich with the stuffing and bread.

If you want you can lightly grill the super healthy paneer and Tulsi leaves sandwich in a sandwich maker or on a pan.

We have kept the spice level of the sandwich to zero keeping in mind that small children will not be able to eat spicy food. However, if your children can handle some spice then add a pinch of pepper and deseeded finely chopped green chilies to enhance the taste of the sandwich stuffing.

This is a very simple sandwich recipe and takes minutes to prepare and is delicious to eat and helps in boosting your kid’s immunity.

A tasty immunity-boosting treat which is ready in minutes definitely deserves a try! Eat healthy, stay healthy, and keep your kid healthy too!


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