Baby Furniture: Essential furniture pieces for doing up your kid’s room


There is an artist in every child, and their room is their atelier. Your baby’s room is the personal space where they will discover and rediscover themselves. Therefore, designing your baby’s den should be a well-thought-out plan. It should be lively and stylish yet comfortable and baby-proof. Let's make it superfun and exciting with a few ideas.

Before you get on work read about the essential baby room furniture.

  1. Bed: Bed is the core furniture of your baby's room. You do not have to spend a fortune on your baby’s bed. However, make sure it is sturdy, safe and comfortable. You can choose from a variety of options like twin beds, bunk beds, full beds or loft beds.If you plan to buy a crib for your baby’s bedroom, you can pick a convertible one, which literally grows with your baby. The convertible crib transforms into a toddler bed when your baby outgrows it. Ensure that the mattress is firm, soft and chemical proof.
  1. Drawers: You will always feel shortage of space to keep your baby’s stuff.  To combat this challenge, you should have allotted space for their clothes, diapers, quilts, toys etc., also keeping in mind some extra space for future use. Having good numbers of cupboards and chest of drawers will help you organize your baby's room. You can even label the drawers with colorful stickers to easily retrieve what you need.
  1. Creative station: Your nipper will require a station or place where he can sit and read story books, color their activity books or invent something new. This is a space which will bring out the best in him/her by nurturing their creative skills. Be cautious in designing this area and make sure that none of the games are chemically unsafe.
  1. Play mat: You can make a play area in one corner of the room. Investing in a play mat is worth the money as it not only keeps your baby safe from the cold floor but also safeguards your floor from paint and doh. Choose a well-cushion mat. You can go for a mat which has alphabets, animals or numbers as it makes learning fun.

You can add a little magic with wall art and simple DIY hacks. Ensure that the room inspires your baby to learn and grow. Your nipper’s hideout need not be budget thrashing; instead it should be a place where each corner depicts your love and care. Also, it should be built in such a way that with the growing age of your sweetheart, this area too can be changed accordingly.


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