Breastfeeding Basics for new mothers: Some tips for mums!


For a new mother, breastfeeding poses a huge amount of excitement as well as a challenge. I have heard many mothers where it was all very difficult to feed their babies, while on the other hand, some felt it was a as easy as a piece of cake. Of course it comes with many problems and we understand them. Here are some breastfeeding basics for new mothers
Here are some of breastfeeding basics to make it easier for you:

Latch-no Latch: This is the most common problem and a challenge that most mothers face. The best way to overcome this problem is to strip down the baby waist-down and have the skin contact. This exchange of warmth calms the child making latching easier and less scary for both of you.

Hungry Baby: Most babies need to be fed every two hours, which might make you feel just like a machine. But yes, babies do have small stomachs, and hence the need. Keep up the patience level and think from the perspective of a baby.

Swollen bosoms: Well yeah, swelling and tender breasts could be one major problem. You feel sore all the time. The solution to this is frequent breastfeeding only. Massaging your breasts for regular flow can also ease the tenderness.

Cracked nipples: Change your technique of latching and unlatching if this problem persists. Use your smallest finger to break the vacuum and then disengage. There are some organic creams also available in the market to help heal cracked nipples. For more latch-on problems, you can also use nipple shields on a temporary basis.

Dealing with baby bites: The bites are the worst and very painful. Try pulling the baby in close so that your breast blocks the nose and he has to let go to breathe, rather than trying to pull back which can make him clamp down harder. It might help in fewer bites.

Leaking breast: This is one of the embarrassing ones. Especially when your baby is not around you. This might happen due to extra milk production tending to an overflow. However, this can’t be entirely stopped, but it can be controlled. Try wearing breast pads under your clothing, or expressing milk before heading out in public. You can alternatively use a breast pump to stimulate the breast and store the milk to be given to the baby later on.

Use a breastfeeding pillow: So breastfeeding can sometimes be very tiring and bothersome on your back and arms due to the breastfeeding position. You can use a breastfeeding pillow which is a U-shaped pillow that goes around your waist and lets you rest your precious baby on it. It provides an immense relief to your arms, back, and neck!

Breastfeeding is the best time to bond with your baby. Cuddle as much as you can and devour all the love and attention to them. Trust me, this time won’t come back! Hope these breastfeeding basics for new mothers well help you all.

Happy bonding time mums!


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