• Reading Your Child’s Growth Charts Right
    Reading Your Child’s Growth Charts Right

    Right from the moment you realised the joy that was arriving till the time it actually entered in your life, we all find solace in reading the growth charts week by week and assuring ourselves that all is well. Understanding the growth of your baby by the book is surely an American style which we...

  • Dealing with Child Behaviour Problems
    Dealing with Child Behaviour Problems

    We all crave to have kids who are well behaved, disciplined and obedient. But in all practicality, this can get a tad difficult to achieve (unless you are amongst those few, fortunate parents who are blessed☺). Managing challenging behaviour and dealing with behavioural issues can prove to be extremely stressful for parents. Please understand parents,..

  • Mumpa
    Good Parenting Tips

    Becoming parents is the most joyous feeling in the world. Yet, parenting is a tough cookie to crack. I am certain all my fellow parents would agree with me. ☺ If we look for guidelines for ‘good parenting’, there can be nothing ....

  • Mumpa
    उँगलियों से चम्मच तक : चम्मच का उपयोग सीखना

    अल्लादीन के चिराग़ की तरह एक दिन मेरे बच्चे ने मेरे हाथ में चम्मच को खोज लिया, जब कि वो रोज़ाना इसी से खाना खा रहा था! अचानक ही आत्मनिर्भर विचाारक ने ये सोच लिया कि अब वह एक बड़ा लड़का है और वह......

  • Mumpa
    बच्चे के लिए 5 मनोरंजक DIY गतिविधि

    “मैं ऊब रहा हू” – यह वाक्य अपने बच्चे से सुनना बड़ा ही खौफनाक है, जो की अक्सर गर्मियो की छुट्टी पर सुनने को मिलता है | घर के अंदर बच्चो को व्यस्त रखने की सबसे अच्छी तकनीक है ‘डू इट युवरसेल्फ‘ शिल्प या स्वयं करने योग्य शिल्प ....



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