Colic: Symptoms and Home Remedies

Colic Symptoms

So you finally came home with your little one. Just before you were setting your routine according to your baby’s sleep cycle, a new chapter unfolds in your baby’s life. Your baby starts to cry uncontrollably and you are unable to help him/her. This mysterious phase is known as colic.

What Is Colic?
You baby is suffering from colic if he/she is healthy but cries for more than three hours a day and for more than three days a week. Only 40% of the children are affected by infantile colic. It usually begins at 2-3 months and goes away when you child is 6 months old. Although the reason for colic cries is still uncertain, doctors state some of the probable reasons as gas in the tummy, over-stimulated senses, immature digestive system, and food allergies.

Colic cries are different from normal crying. In colic, crying sessions are intense and usually accompanied with screaming. Babies will clench their fist, press the knees close to their tummy, and arch their back. They appear to be in distress and may even pass gas. These testing times can be frustrating for parents. Maintain your cool and help your baby to calm down. Remember not all cries are colic, so to rule out any medical problem, consult your pediatrician. Ensure your baby is not irritated due to an infection, eye or ear trouble, irregular heartbeat, or injury.

Home Remedies
When your baby is colic due to digestive issues, you can give them gas drops, probiotics drops, or gripe water. But what if the pain still continues? Putting your tot on any medication should be your last resort. These are few time-tested home remedies that can relieve your little one from the colic pain.

1. Mustard oil massage: Massage your baby with mustard oil followed by a warm water bath. This will help the baby get rid of gas problem and colic pain. It will improve blood circulation and relax the body movements. It also helps in inducing sleepiness in your baby.

2. Warm water: Give lukewarm water to your baby. It will bring out the stomach heat. You can even give cumin water once a day. Ensure to make the baby burp after he/she drinks water and milk.

3. Asafetida: Add asafetida in warm water and rub on your baby’s tummy and navel area. This is also an effective way to get rid of gas problems.

4. Fresh air: Going outdoors can magically uplift your baby’s mood. The chirping of birds, sound of winds, and brightness of the sun can distract the baby and comfort him/her.

5. Car ride: Trust us, one car ride can do wonders. This technique has 95% success rate. Colicky babies calm down quickly and even fall asleep in a car ride. If your baby gets cranky at midnights, this is one method you have to try.

Colicky kids are hard to handle. Getting frustrated is pretty normal. Give yourself a break; take help from family members and friends. Do not be guilty; colic has nothing to do with you. You are doing great to soothe your cutie pie and this shall pass. “There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Be a real one.” Happy Parenting!


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