Difference between Strollers and Prams


Becoming a parent is the best feeling in the world. Couples who are about to become parents start preparing their baby's room even before his or her arrival. Buying toys and clothes and other products, decorating their baby's room, and so on become a part of their daily life. However, while choosing products for your soon-to-arrive baby, you have to keep many things in mind. One such important choice is that of strollers and prams. Be it the morning and evening leisure walks or shopping in a mall, or traveling outstation, baby strollers and prams are a must-have. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself updated on which to buy based on your requirements.

Both pram and stroller are wheeled devices used to carry kids. However, the difference is that a pram is like a cradle in which your baby can lie down while a stroller is like a chair in which they can sit upright. So you can choose a pram until your baby is small and cannot sit upright, while for toddlers or infants who are already able to sit, strollers are the best choice. Furthermore, prams are large and heavy and are therefore to carry along when not in use. On the contrary, strollers are lightweight.

These days various kinds of baby carriages are available in the market that act as both prams and strollers. These hybrid baby carriages are a good investment as you need not change them when your baby grows up. However, your child’s comfort should be the first priority while buying one.


Moreover, these days many stores have separate prams and strollers for boys and girls. The beautiful ones are for baby girls with impressive colors, designs, umbrellas stickers on top, and much more. For baby boys, there are masculine blue buggies. You can check online stores for a wide range of buggies, strollers, and prams with various designs, colors, and other specifications such as reclining forward or parent facing, compact, light weight, simple to use, etc.

In addition, many brands are also available that promise good comfort to your baby, ease of use, and durability. All you need to do is just sit back, surf the websites, and find a perfect pram, stroller, or hybrid baby carriage for your baby that best suits best his or her comfort. Also, look for the product that meets your expectations and is cost effective.


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